Everybody Meet John Travolta Dog, The Dog That Looks Like John Travolta

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An animal rescue in South Australia has a dog up for adoption that totally looks like Travolta Dog.

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Meme Watch: #MakeupTransformation Will Teach You One Weird Trick To Look Like Celebrities

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Hilarious parodies of celebrity makeup tutorials have taken over the formerly-serious hashtag #MakeupTransformation.

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You Cannot Unsee This Side-By-Side Sansa Stark-Boy George Comparison

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Conspiracy theory time! Are Boy George and Sansa Stark the SAME PERSON?


An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabbed A Cabbie After He Wouldn’t Have Sex With Her For A Third Time

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After refusing to have sex with a woman who claims to look like Angelina Jolie for a third time, this cabbie was stabbed.


A Teenage Girl Was Beaten Up For Looking Too Much Like Taylor Swift

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Life's not easy for Taylor Swift, nor girls who look like Taylor Swift, including one student who was beaten up by bullies because of the resemblance.

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This Swiss Political Hopeful Looks More Like A Swiss Political Hopeful Than He Does Tobias Fünke


Look, I understand the desire to identify bald men with perfectly shaped heads, round glasses, and a mustache as Tobias Fünke. I really do.

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Celebrity Lookalike Animals And Links


Today's links, featuring three animals who look like celebrities and a devastating kitten attack.

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