Instead Of Throwing Out Your Christmas Trees This Year, Let Some Goats Eat Them


Instead of throwing out your Christmas trees this year and creating fire hazards, you should feed them to hungry, adorable goats.


These Are The Pop Culture And Geeky Christmas Trees We Should Have Made This Year

Check out these 25 geeky and pop culture Christmas trees before some ornery cat comes along and wrecks all of them.


Watch A German Engineer Turn Christmas Trees Into Deadly Weapons


Want to see a Christmas tree turned into a flying battering ram? Sure you do!


Here’s A Golden Treasury Of Cats And Dogs Amusingly Caught Unaware Of Christmas


Christmas is coming, but these murderously perturbed cats and sad-eyed, confused dogs were caught wholly unprepared for the holy day.

cat videos

Enjoy This Delightful Supercut Of Cats Wreaking Havoc On Christmas Trees


Cats and Christmas Trees are always a lose-lose combination.

sad christmas

The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever In Reading, Pennsylvania Is Going To Be Removed By The City


The city of Reading, Pennsylvania erected a Christmas Tree so hideous that no amount of Christmas spirit is going to save it.


An Australian Mayor Is Pissed His City Has The Worst Christmas Tree In The World


The worst Christmas tree in the world, for only $27,000? What a steal.


10 Ornaments That Will Guarantee You’ll Have The Coolest Christmas Tree This Year


If you're looking for the most unique Christmas tree ornaments to celebrate everything from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Game of Thrones,' Etsy has you covered.


A Christmas Tree That Is Now Legal In Two States (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring a festive IKEA monkey, a marijuana Christmas tree, and Cuban Pete the spider king of the rumba beat.


Sophisticated Cat Is Still Procrastinating In The Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring the sophisticated cat waiting till the last minute, the Tumblr Christmas tree, and a dog who loves plastic bottles.


Geeky Christmas Trees And Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring a very Cthulhu and chemistry Christmas, plus a fat cat in Russia who will stare into your very soul.


Fus Ro Ho Ho Ho! (And Afternoon Links)

Today's afternoon links, featuring a very Skyrim Christmas, a dapper dog with an overbite, and a Jack Russell terrier pulling a kid's sled.

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