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Alice Eve Showed Off Her American Accent On ‘Ferguson’ To Make Up For Not Wearing A Distracting Dress

By | 10 Comments

To compensate she voluntarily went in and out of her British accent to the delight of accent enthusiasts everywhere.


Craig Ferguson Gave Hayden Panettiere Important Advice On Hiding Drugs In Her Leather Pants

By | 8 Comments

Craig Ferguson and Hayden Panettiere have a lot in common: they both love leather pants.

craig ferguson

Jaimie Alexander Wants To Play Wonder Woman

By | 38 Comments

On last night's Tonight Show, Jaimie Alexander admitted the obvious to Jay Leno, that she'd play Wonder Woman if offered the role.

craig ferguson

Meghan Markle From ‘Suits’ Was On ‘The Late Late Show’ And This Is Important Because Hello There, Meghan Markle

By | 12 Comments

Craig Ferguson had Meghan Markle on his show and they talked about 'Suits' and important world events and DEAR GOD LOOK AT HOW PRETTY SHE IS!


Peter ‘The Doctor’ Capaldi And Craig Ferguson Were In A Really Good Punk Band Together

By | 15 Comments

Long before starring in "Doctor Who" and hosting a late night talk show, Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson were in the post-punk band Dreamboys.


Watch Craig Ferguson And Courtney Love Reflect Fondly On The Time He Turned Her Down For Sex

By | 7 Comments

Craig Ferguson takes a lovely trip down memory lane with Courtney Love. Ah, memories!


Bill Hader Had A Delightful Chat With Craig Ferguson About The Inspiration For Stefon And Everything Else

By | 8 Comments

A fun discussion about Comic-Con, Hader's SNL characters, and what it's like to write for South Park.


Jon Hamm And Craig Ferguson Had A Delightful Conversation About Pretty Much Nothing In Particular

By | 22 Comments

Highlights include: India's King Ralph and Jon Hamm's award show host shortcomings,


The Very Best Of Craig Ferguson And His Robot Sidekick, Geoff

By | 34 Comments

Craig Ferguson and Geoff are the best duo on late night TV by a mile.

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Watch Craig Ferguson See How Far He Can Go Without Being Pixelated By Network Censors

By | 14 Comments

At what point while drawing a penis will network censors step in an pixelate? Craig Ferguson investigates.


Zach Galifianakis & Craig Ferguson Met For The First Time And Had A Delightfully Weird Conversation

By | 24 Comments

Highlights include imaginary body hair tweets, breast mimicking, and The Crime Gypsies of Epcot.

craig ferguson

Dr. Phil Talking About Gay Athletes On 'Letterman' Is Where Gay Athlete Coverage Jumped The Shark

By | 9 Comments

As if we didn't get enough analysis, Dr. Phil weighs in on Jason Collins coming out.

craig ferguson

Craig Ferguson To Gillian Jacobs: NBC Execs Are ‘F*ckin’ Idiots’ For Their Treatment Of ‘Community’

By | 35 Comments

Gillian Jacobs was on "Craig Ferguson" last night, and he called NBC "f*ckin' idiots" for the way they've moved "Community" around their schedule.

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