Gillian Jacobs Tells Craig Ferguson The ‘Greatest Story’ He’s Ever Heard

By | 17 Comments

Gillian Jacobs was drugged and robbed on a train. It only gets more ridiculous from there.

craig ferguson

Craig Ferguson Has Chosen A Strangely Appropriate Final Guest For His ‘Late Late Show’ Send Off

By | 22 Comments

The last late-night host to step down will join Craig Ferguson as he departs from his late-night show.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson Is Going Out In Style With A Week Of Performances From Metallica

By | 7 Comments

Craig Ferguson will welcome Metallica as his musical guest for an entire week, beginning on November 24.

The Late Late Show With James Corden

CBS: The Late Late Show With James Corden Is Coming To Late Night In March 2015

By | 9 Comments

'The Late Late Show With James Corden' has set a premiere date for March 9, 2015.


Here’s Bill Hader Describing A Scrapped SNL ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ Talk Show Sketch

By | 9 Comments

If SNL had run with all the cut sketches Bill Hader shares in interviews no one would ever complain about it.

#seth meyers

Departing Craig Ferguson To Seth Meyers: ‘You’re Going To Go F*cking Crazy, Seth’

By | 15 Comments

Ferguson also talked about doing acid with the new Doctor on 'Doctor Who,' Peter Capaldi.

#Game of Thrones

Better Late Than Never, Check Out The Entire ‘Game Of Thrones’ Panel From Comic-Con

By | 3 Comments

'Game of Thrones' fans who didn't make it to Comic-Con 2014 can finally watch their favorite show's entire panel from the event.

craig ferguson

Craig Ferguson Has Already Found His Next Gig

By | 10 Comments

Craig Ferguson won't be unemployed for very long.


Craig Ferguson Has No Idea Who His ‘Late Late Show’ Replacement James Corden Is

By | 7 Comments

The current host of 'The Late Late Show' has not been consulted about his successor.

#game of thrones

Bradley Cooper And Craig Ferguson Know How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Could Be Even Better

By | 2 Comments

Craig Ferguson and Bradley Cooper love "Game of Thrones," but they do have one suggestion to make the show even better.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

We Can’t Imagine Why Craig Ferguson Was Distracted While Interviewing Irina Shayk

By | 23 Comments

Try to guess why Craig Ferguson couldn't pay attention to the words coming out of Irina Shayk's mouth.

#dave grohl

Kristeen Young Made Her Late-Night Debut With Some Help From Dave Grohl

By | 4 Comments

Kristeen Young gets by with a little help from her Dave Grohl.

#jimmy fallon

A Surprising Ranking Of The Late Night Talk Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

By | 40 Comments

To no one's surprise, Jimmy Fallon is number one in late night. But you may be surprised by who is number three.


Norm Macdonald’s One Minute ‘Late Late Show’ Audition Is A Frantic Bit Of Magic

By | 14 Comments

Norm Macdonald really wants to host 'The Late Late Show' and he's going to prove it in only one minute.


Norm Macdonald Would Like You To Know Joel McHale Is Your New ‘Late Late Show’ Host

By | 19 Comments

Norm MacDonald either sees the writing on the wall or is trolling the public, but #latelatenormnorm is over.

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