Did Someone Say Puppies Wearing Disney Costumes? Well, Here They Are Anyway.


For your consideration, here are a bunch of puppies adorably dressed up like Disney characters.


The Five Pro Wrestling/Disney Princess Mash-Ups We Wish Were Real

By | 16 Comments

These ain't no damsels in distress! Mike Kendrick's Princesses of Wrestling is the coolest thing you'll see today.


Battle Armor Disney Princesses Don’t Wait For Heroes. They Are Heroes.

By | 6 Comments

These Battle Armor Disney Princesses are ready to fight the dragons themselves. Well, almost.


The Disney Heroines Guide To Drafting Your Fantasy Football Quarterback

By | 13 Comments

It's about that time to draft our fantasy teams, so let's start the preparations by weighing the pros and cons of the quarterbacks.

Domestic Violence

Oh Boy, That Artist Is Back With More Depictions Of Abused Disney Princesses

By | 32 Comments

If you were having yourself a good day today, here's something to change that.

Sexual Abuse

An Artist Created These Horrifying Disney Princess Posters To Raise Sexual Abuse Awareness

By | 40 Comments

This artist/activist is using imagery of Disney Princesses to send a message about sexual abuse.


Disney Princess Lingerie Is The Creepiest Thing To Come From Japan Since ‘The Ring’

By | 2 Comments

Japan is now making Disney princess lingerie, because of course they are.

#Star Wars

Snow White & Co. Teach Princess Leia What It’s Like To Be A Disney Princess

By | 3 Comments

The old Disney princesses pass along a pointer or eight to the newest lady in their gang, Princess Leia from "Star Wars."


Nigel Thornberry Remixed With Disney Princesses Is Wildly And Inexplicably Popular


I checked into Tumblr between martinis over the weekend and noticed graphic artist Miryuu Chan's Beauty and the Beast meets Nigel Thornberry GIF (above) was well over 20K+ notes and counting.

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