Domestic Violence

Oh Boy, That Artist Is Back With More Depictions Of Abused Disney Princesses

By | 32 Comments

If you were having yourself a good day today, here's something to change that.

Sexual Abuse

An Artist Created These Horrifying Disney Princess Posters To Raise Sexual Abuse Awareness

By | 30 Comments

This artist/activist is using imagery of Disney Princesses to send a message about sexual abuse.


Disney Princess Lingerie Is The Creepiest Thing To Come From Japan Since ‘The Ring’

By | 2 Comments

Japan is now making Disney princess lingerie, because of course they are.

#Star Wars

Snow White & Co. Teach Princess Leia What It’s Like To Be A Disney Princess

By | 3 Comments

The old Disney princesses pass along a pointer or eight to the newest lady in their gang, Princess Leia from "Star Wars."


Nigel Thornberry Remixed With Disney Princesses Is Wildly And Inexplicably Popular


I checked into Tumblr between martinis over the weekend and noticed graphic artist<a href="" target="_blank"> Miryuu Chan's Beauty and the Beast meets Nigel Thornberry GIF</a> (above) was well over 20K+ notes and counting.

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