A Florida Congressman Quoted Dildo Laws And ‘Frozen’ In His Refusal To Apologize To Texas

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A Florida Democrat who called Texas a "crazy state" is refusing to apologize, and in an interview with CNN, he quoted Disney's Frozen and cited Texas dildo laws to clarify his point.

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Disney Continues To Tease Its ‘Ambitious’ Theme Park Plans For Star Wars

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Disney CEO Bob Iger continues to tease 'Star Wars' fans with as little information as possible about the future of rides at theme parks.

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Watch Werner Herzog Sell His Haunted House On The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Premiere

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Werner Herzog sells Andy and April their dream home on the 'Park and Recreation' season premiere.


Watch This Adorable Little Girl Challenge Disney World’s Gaston To An Arm Wrestling Match

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The Gaston performer at Disney World continues to take guff from the world's children.


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Challenge Disney World’s Gaston To A Push Up Contest

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Gaston from 'Beauty and the Beast' shows this guy why you shouldn't challenge Disney World characters in public.

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Disney Wants More ‘Star Wars’ In Their Theme Parks, But Will They Focus On The Classic Films Or The New Ones?

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It seems lke the 'Star Wars' presence at Disney's theme parks will be more focused on the new films going forward.

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Disney Promises A ‘Far Greater Presence’ Of ‘Star Wars’ Rides At Its Theme Parks

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Disney CEO Bob Iger hasn't revealed much about 'Star Wars,' but he did confirm that there will be huge theme park news next year.

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Rich Manhattan Moms Are Hiring Handicapped Tour Guides So Their Kids Can Skip Lines At Disney World

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The only way to go to Disney World is to hire a handicapped tour guide so your children can bypass lines.


‘Lord Of The Rings’ Might Finally Be Coming To A Theme Park, Maybe

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There’s been a rumor in my quaint little Hamlet of Orlando, Florida for several years that there would someday be a Lord of the Rings attraction at one of our two major theme parks – Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida.


"I Just Wanted to be Tinkerbell" & Your Morning Links

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Disney Animal Kingdom - Where Dreams Die [via Videogum] MORNING LINKS Film Drunk Review: Moonrise Kingdom |Film Drunk| The 10 Best Episodes of the 2011-2012 Network Television Season |Warming Glow| Frotcast 103: Movie Pitches with Joe King |Film Drunk| The somewhat tired SJP joke gets [...].


James Cameron Bringing Cat-Monkey Pterodactyl Rape to Disney World

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Disney has announced a historic partnership with James Cameron and Jon Landau to bring Avatar-themed attractions to Disney theme parks.

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8.22 The Cooler

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Crystal, A Long Haired Thick Redbone That Weezy Would Approve Of The 5 Reasons Brock Lesnar Is The UFC’s ‘New Big Thing’ [Coed] Disney World: When Death Comes to the Magic Kingdom [Time] Is The iPhone Mom The New Soccer Mom? [Tech Crunch] You [...].

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