White Christmas

Go Dashing Through The Snow With This Very Merry ‘Miami Vice’ Cocaine Supercut

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Just because you're trapped in South Florida doesn't mean you're not going to get a little snow. 'Miami Vice' proved that.


Christopher Walken Will Play An Orangutan In ‘The Jungle Book’

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Disney's 'The Jungle Book' remake just got a little more Christopher Walken.


‘Son Of Batman’ Will Help Us Forget The ‘Batman vs Superman’ Delays

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Batman's son Damian was introduced in 2006's 'All-Star Superman' by Grant Morrison, and now the character is being resurrected in 'Son Of Batman'.


Gus Fring Is Returning To ‘Community’

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Actor Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus Fring on "Breaking Bad," will return to "Community" as Pierce's brother.


Might Gus Fring Return To ‘Breaking Bad’?

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Giancarlo Esposito says there's discussion that his character, Gus Fring, might return in the second half of season five of "Breaking Bad."


Giancarlo Esposito on Life After 'Breaking Bad'


Giancarlo Esposito reacts to his 2012 Emmy nomination for his work on "Breaking Bad.


Here’s A Preview Of Gus Fring’s Moronic New NBC Show, ‘Revolution’

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An extended preview of the new NBC show, Revolution, producing by J.J. Abrams, directed by Jon Favreau, and starring Giancarlo Esposito.


Los Pollos Loco! Here's A Supercut of 'Breaking Bad’s' Gus Fring With Big Bird On 'Sesame Street'

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I'd no idea that Giancarlo Esposito, aka Breaking Bad's Gus Fring, was a regular on Sesame Street, but I'm tickled to find out that he was.


Watch an Intense 15 Seconds of 'Breaking Bad' Season 5

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For anyone who is curious -- SEASON FOUR SPOILERS -- the fifth season of "Breaking Bad" will pick up exactly where the fourth season ended, with Walter dealing with the repercussions of Gus Fring's death.


The Scheduling Snafu that Gave Rise to 'Breaking Bad's' Brilliant Gus Fring

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It's been a busy day with network scheduling and new shows, and it will continue to be busy with that most of the week, which we'll cap off with three episodes of "Community.


Ranking NBC's New Fall Shows, from Best to Worst, Based on their Preview Clips

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This week is the upfronts, in which the networks present their new schedules and preview the shows they've picked up for the fall and spring season.


Um, Holy Crap, ‘Breaking Bad’

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I interrupt today's Emmy news to mention say, very briefly, HOLY CRAP.

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