Chinese Bootleg’s Subtitles For ‘The Avengers’ May Be Better Than The Movie Itself

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The subtitles on a Chinese bootleg of 'The Avengers' are hilariously incorrect. We've collected 13 of our favorite mistranslated scenes here.


Rejoice! Joss Whedon To Write And Direct ‘Avengers’ Sequel

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Joss Whedon signed to write and direct the sequel to 'The Avengers' and help develop an Avengers TV show for Marvel and ABC because money.


8 Places You Probably Don’t Remember Seeing Jeremy Renner

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Throughout the course of Jeremy Renner's Clooney-lite career (seven cancelled TV series by my count) he's left quite a trail that will totally make it easier to take him seriously as a super secret agent this weekend. Promise.


Bourne Legacy Trailer: Jeremy Renner grinds a rail on a dirt bike!

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I've always considered the Bourne movies to be basically two-hour, network TV procedurals with more annoying cinematography, but now that the Bourne Legacy trailer has Jeremy Renner doing a sick rail grind  on his dirt bike with a chick on the back the whole time, perhaps I owe them another look.


Morning Links with Catman

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MORNING LINKS Exclusive: Even More Storyboards From Channing Tatum’s ‘White House Down’.


The Most Obvious 'Avengers' News Ever

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The Avengers <a href="">smashed several box office records</a> last weekend and <a href="">impregnated us all</a>, so it shouldn't surprise you to hear it's officially getting a sequel, especially since the post-credits scene already said as much.


PICTURE: Avengers in High School – Hawkeye had a bomb-ass flat top mullet

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I found this picture of The Avengers in high school over on <a href="" target="_blank">Reddit</a>, and while I know <a href="" target="_blank">I said</a> Hawkeye and Black Widow were mostly worthless characters (Whedon did an incredible job trying to make them seem relevant, but trying to make a girl with a pistol and a dude with a bow and arrow on the front lines of a war seem believable is just a lose-lose assignment), I would've changed my tune in a heartbeat if Hawkeye had had that righteous flattop-mullet combo.


You Are All Now Pregnant

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The Avengers <a href="">smashed several box office records</a> last weekend and also got us all pregnant, apparently.


Here Are All The Records 'The Avengers' Just Smashed

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[<a href="">Context</a>] The Avengers smashed several box office records this weekend, but, more importantly, gives me an excuse to post a few funny pictures I found this weekend.


We're Almost As Excited About 'The Avengers' As Jeremy Renner

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The Avengers opens tomorrow in the US (or midnight tonight in some fancy places with more than one horse in town.


20 More Pictures From ‘The Avengers’? Deal With It.


Want to see 20 more pictures of everyone in The Avengers standing around looking intensely concerned about something slightly out of frame.


Two Videos And 30 New Pictures From 'The Avengers' Assemble


You probably haven't seen every frame of footage from The Avengers yet, but we're here to rectify that with 30 pictures and a couple videos.


New Thor-Filled TV Spot For 'The Avengers' Presented By Tony Stark's Derp Face

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When we posted some new Avengers <a href="">clips and pictures</a> yesterday, we didn't realize there was another Thor-centric TV spot and (most importantly) the frame above screencapped by <a href="">TheShiznit</a> and brought to our attention on this glorious day.


New 'Avengers' Stuff Featuring Stan Lee

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Cobie Smulders is the actual name of a human being.

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