Kids Today React To Teddy Ruxpin, The Most Nightmare-Inducing Toy Of The ’80s

By | 18 Comments

Kids of today are introduced to a Teddy Ruxpin doll from the '80s and have the appropriate reaction of NOOOOOPE.


Watch A Bunch Of Kids Try To Figure Out How To Use A Point And Shoot Film Camera From 1998


Or course the first thing kids of today try to do with an old point and shoot camera is try to take a seflie.


This Video Proves For Once And For All That Kids Hating Brussels Sprouts Is A Myth

By | 8 Comments

The Fine Bros pitted a bunch of kids against Brussels sprouts and the consensus is that Brussels sprouts really aren't all that bad.

Let’s Revisit The Luigi Death Stare Meme For More GIFs And A ‘Kids React’ Video

By | 5 Comments

We're checking in on the Luigi Death Stare meme because there are some new ones and The Fine Brothers have just made a "kids react" video.


In ‘Kids React To DuckTales’, Today’s Youth Aren’t A Total Disappointment For Once

By | 27 Comments

Kids of today manage to pleasantly surprise us with their thoughts on the classic Disney cartoon 'DuckTales."

old computers

Prepare To Feel Incredibly Old By Watching Kids React To Old Computer Technology

By | 17 Comments

The latest in the Kids React technology series brings us children being introduced to computers of the late '70s / early '80s.


Even Kids Don’t Understand What The Hell To Make Of Avril Lavigne’s Dumb ‘Hello Kitty’ Video

By | 7 Comments

Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' video was shown to a bunch of children; children unimpressed.


This Video Of Kids Reacting To A Walkman Is Both Depressing And Infuriating

By | 24 Comments

These highfalutin' kids think they're so smart, but at least I know how to turn on a Walkman, DUMMIES.


This Video Of Kids Scared Of Their Shadows Will Give Parents Some Very Bad Ideas

By | 3 Comments

Does it make you a bad person for laughing at these little kids who are terrified of their shadows? Not at all.


‘Nobody Likes An Evil, Mean, Stinky Bully': Kids React To Racists Who Hate That Cheerios Ad

By | 5 Comments

Kids are wiser than adults, which they proved yet again with their smart comments about a multiracial Cheerios ad.

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