Kobe Bryant Posterizes Two Defenders

Age is just a number and it doesn't stop Kobe Bryant from attacking the rim with a monster slam over both Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries.


Warning: Kris Humphries Is Being Funny Again


At long last, Brooklyn Nets player of note Kris Humphries is returning to the world of comedy.


The Clippers’ Worst Nightmare Resurfaces; The Lakers Are Falling Apart

The Clippers really don't want to see the Warriors in the playoffs.


WTF: Kris Humphries Was Almost Technically The Father Of Kim Kardashian’s Unborn Child?


Last week, we brought you news that Kanye West had announced during his concert in Atlantic City that he had indeed conceived a child in the maternal dungeon that is Kim Kardashian’s womb.


Kris Humphries’ Wife Is Pregnant With Kanye West’s Baby Now


There was a rumor earlier this year that Kim Kardashian was pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, but everyone in her camp of evil harpies denied it because it would have meant that she had been sleeping with West while she was still “happily married” to Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries and then he could have taken her to court and shouted, “Hurrrrr, pay up, derp.


Video: Referee Blocks Kris Humphries’ Free Throw

NBA officials have been often accused - to varying degrees - of attempting to affect the outcomes of games.


Kris Humphries Leaked Home Video

Shocking footage from a Kris Humphries home video has leaked online.


Rajon Rondo Suspended Two Games After Brooklyn-Boston Throwdown

The aftermath of the fight that spilled into the stands from Wednesday's Brooklyn-Boston game is a two-game suspension for Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.


In A League Of 1-On-1 Matchups, Rajon Rondo’s Toughest Opponent Is Himself

What a leader encompasses is up for debate, but you can be sure Rajon Rondo's tussle with Kris Humphries in last night's Nets-Celtics game wasn't it.


Does Anyone Really Win When Kris Humphries And Rajon Rondo Fight? Yes. Everyone.


Funny how just yesterday I was complaining that I needed something to jumpstart my NBA excitement, and then one of the greatest imaginable fights breaks out between two guys who couldn’t be more disliked.


Joe Johnson Made Paul Pierce Walk Like A Dog, Celtics & Nets Scuffle


Joe Johnson has been playing largely ehhhhhh since he became a Net.


Nets, Celtics Get Into A Brawl In Boston; James Harden Has An Awful Reunion In OKC

With so much softness leaking into the modern game, we're always anxious to annoint the next great rivalry.


Video: Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Garnett Fight in Boston

Were you watching Boston/Brooklyn tonight when all hell broke loose.


The Key Behind Brooklyn’s Early Season Success

Currently, the Brooklyn Nets are tied with the Knicks for the lead in the Atlantic after winning their last three games (over New York, Portland and the Clippers).


Why New York Shouldn’t Be Overly Excited About The Knicks & Nets

The Knicks are 7-1 as the toast of the town, and their Jay-Z-owned brothers across the East River, the Nets, are 6-2 and second in the Atlantic Division.


The Knicks Can’t Be Stopped Even When ‘Melo Is; LeBron Puts The Nuggets To Sleep

The Knicks only had 3-of-12 shooting by Carmelo Anthony (nine points though he did get 12 boards) and were on the road in San Antonio and yet New York went into Texas and still won, 104-100 to stay undefeated against all odds.

#Chris Paul

The Lakers Stun Everyone By Hiring Mike D’Antoni; A Bench Player Blows Up The Heat

Mike D'Antoni's offenses work best when they're taking seven seconds or less to take a shot.

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