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The Reason Katee Sackhoff Wasn’t Cast As Wonder Woman Is Because People Are Dumb

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Katee Sackhoff wasn't offered the Wonder Woman role, but they did consider her for a 'best friend' role, because they're not very bright.


Please Enjoy Katee Sackhoff’s Hilarious, Sexually-Explicit Stand-Up Set

By | 22 Comments

Several years ago, Katee Sackhoff did a stand-up set for the Laugh Factory. It is incredible.


How We Found ‘Longmire’ And What That Says About Modern TV

By | 48 Comments

'Longmire' is a really good show... and without modern streaming, I never would have seen it.


10 TV Shows That Are Much Better Than You Probably Think They Are

By | 156 Comments

Ten TV shows that you may have wrongfully dismissed early on that are much better than the premise or the marketing makes them out to be.


Netflix Adds 8 New TV Shows, Some Of Which You Might Actually Watch

By | 41 Comments

Eight new TV titles are coming to Netflix, including 'Fringe.'


Weekend Preview: The Premieres of 'The Newsroom' and 'The Great Escape'

By | 10 Comments

The Newsroom/True Blood (HBO, Sunday) - I tend to give Aaron Sorkin the benefit of the doubt because he wrote A Few Good Men and The Social Network, which are two movies I can watch just about any time they're on cable.

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