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Lorne Michaels Held Secret Auditions With Black Females To Be Cast Members On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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The Internet demanded it, and it looks like Lorne Michaels has responded, by auditioning a group of black, female Groundlings to join SNL.

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The Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Audition Ever, And 7 More ‘SNL’ Insights From Seth Meyers

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In an interview on 'The Dan Patrick Show,' Seth Meyers discusses his 12 years on 'Saturday Night Live.'

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The Genesis Of The Richard Pryor Sketch That Made ‘Saturday Night Live’ A Cultural Phenomenon

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How 'Word Association,' the edgy 'Saturday Night Live' sketch between Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor, came into being.


Here’s Tom Snyder Interviewing Lorne Michaels & The Original ‘SNL’ Cast Just Before The Show Premiered

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In late 1975, just before SNL premiered, the original cast appeared on Tom Snyder's show for a short interview. It's sort of surreal to watch.


Sarah Silverman To Star In A HBO Series Produced By Lorne Michaels

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Sarah Silverman and Topher Grace will play siblings in HBO's "People in New Jersey."


Things We Learned From The NY Times’ Fascinating Oral History Of The ‘SNL’ Audition Process

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The New York Times asked various "SNL" cast members to share the story of their auditions with Lorne Michaels. Here's their stories.

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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian May Have Caused A Scene Backstage At Saturday Night Live

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As Kanye West was the musical guest, Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, were allegedly part of a big backstage argument at Saturday Night Live.


The 10 Best (And 5 Worst) Sketches From ‘SNL’ This Season

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A recap of the best and worst sketches from season 38 of "SNL."


The Insane Idea Behind The ‘Up All Night’ Reboot That Drove Christina Applegate Off The Series

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NBC's idea for a show within a show, or a show featuring Melissa Etheridge on 'Up All Night' is just plain bonkers.

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Justin Bieber Thanked 'Lauren' Michaels For 'SNL' Gig

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Justin Bieber's phone autocorrected "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels' name to read "Lauren" Michaels.


NBC Gives Pilot Order To A Lorne Michaels Comedy Starring John Mulaney

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"SNL" pro John Mulaney will star and be the writer of an NBC pilot, produced by Lorne Michaels.

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Kenan Thompson Might Be Getting A Sitcom On NBC

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After almost 10 years on "SNL," it looks Kenan Thompson may be breaking out and getting something of his own. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Thompson is working with Lorne Michaels on a sitcom for NBC.


Here’s How ‘SNL’ Got Big Bird

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The New York Times has a behind-the-scenes look at the most recent episode of "SNL."

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'SNL' Will Finally Let Jay Pharoah Do That Thing He Does Really Well

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After four years of Fred Armisen portraying Barack Obama, 'Saturday Night Live' will finally replace him with Jay Pharoah.

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The 10 Most Bitter Behind-The-Scenes ‘SNL’ Feuds

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A list of the most bitter behind-the-scenes feuds at "SNL," including Norm vs. Chris Kattan, Chevy vs. Bill, and Lorne vs. Everyone.

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Jason Sudeikis Is Not Leaving ‘SNL’ Now

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After a summer of silence, it turns out Jason Sudeikis is staying at SNL after all.


Lorne Michaels's 'SNL' Rejection Letters Were Exceptionally Civil, Minus The Nudity Part

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Letters of Note found a rejection letter sent by "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels back in 1976, during the show's first season.


Lorne Michaels Says 'Saturday Night Live' Is Not Partisan. Lorne Michaels is Wrong

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Over the weekend, "Saturday Night Live" had originally planned to run a cold open featuring Fred Armisen's President Obama that basically <a href="">lampooned</a> Obama's supposed exploitation of the killing of Bin Laden.

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Will Mitt Romney Become the First Ever Cyborg to Host 'Saturday Night Live'?

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Two interesting tidbits about upcoming hosts of "Saturday Night Live" were revealed this weekend following a <a href="">fairly mediocre episode</a>.

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In a Surprise to No One, Three of the Best 'SNL' Cast Members May Abandon Ship

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<a href="">Us Weekly</a> -- that bastion of journalistic integrity, a publication that's never missed a beat in the ongoing mundanities of the Kardashians -- is reporting that Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig, and Andy Samberg are leaving "SNL" at the end of the season.

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