Watch This Disgruntled McDonald’s Employee Go Nuts And Destroy Everything In Sight

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Not for the faint of heart; this McDonald's employee loses his sh*t and destroys everything in sight.


Was The Chernobyl Meltdown Engineered By The Soviet Union?

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A new documentary argues the Soviet Union engineered the Chernobyl meltdown to cover up a far more embarrassing failure.


Watch This Woman Lose Her Damn Mind After Missing The Ferry

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Here's a woman shrieking like a wild banshee after missing a ferry.

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This Woman’s Vulgar Meltdown While Getting Ejected From An Airplane Will Warm Your Cold Heart, Or Something

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Let's just say that this woman doesn't take the news super well that she's being removed from her flight.

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‘Shia Labeouf Chased A Bum For His Food Before His Cabaret Meltdown’

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Shia Labeouf's meltdown continues with video of him trying to steal a homeless man's french fries and police reporting his impromptu jailhouse hip hop song.


Ranking The 10 Most Entertaining One-And-Done NFL Playoff Losses Of The Past 20 Years


There are few things in the NFL - and possibly life - more glorious than watching a team you dislike tanking its first playoff game.

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Contrary To Popular Belief, Social Media Didn’t Bring Down Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh is about to be thrown off America's second largest broadcaster. But social media isn't as important as you might think in that.


Amanda Bynes Has Been Placed In A Psych Ward After Starting A Fire In Someone’s Driveway

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After starting a fire at a random residence last night, Amanda Bynes has been locked away in an LA-area psychiatric ward.


Lamar Odom Went Nuts On The Paparazzi

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According to a bunch of crap that I read in roughly 45 seconds to prime myself for this video, Lamar Odom and his wife, Khloe Kardashian, are experiencing a rough patch and are close to getting a divorce.


Amanda Bynes “burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her wig fell off”

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I haven't been covering Amanda Bynes' ongoing meltdown, what with her wanting Drake to destroy her vagina and whatnot, but it's hard to ignore that it's beginning to take on Joaquin-Phoenix-performance-art-level proportions.


Busta Rhymes Wants A Cheeseburger And He Wants One Now, DAMMIT!

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Busta Rhymes loves a good late night cheeseburger just like you and me, and he's not willing to wait for one, apparently.

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Gird Your Loins, Canada: Justin Bieber Will Soon Be To You What Britney Spears Was To Louisiana

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A day after collapsing on-stage during a concert, Justin Bieber attacked a photographer. Dude is on the bullet train to a Britney-esque meltdown.


Katt Williams Update: Katt says the guy he slapped called him the N-word

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My post last week on comedian Katt Williams' epic meltdown month was one of the more fun I've written, as any story that involves a high-speed tricycle chase and someone trying to pay $300K cash to buy a ferry to live on with his dogs would be.


Attempting to Recap Katt Williams’ Epic Meltdown

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A High-Speed Tricycle Chase and a $300K Pirate Ship: Katt Williams' Crazy Week Not many people are covering the insane meltdown that Katt Williams has been having for the past few weeks, I suspect because there's just too much to cover.


The 10 Biggest Musician Meltdowns Captured On Video

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A collection of the most notable on-stage musician meltdowns.

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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Freaked Out On Stage: ‘I’m Not F**king Justin Bieber, You Motherf**kers’

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Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman for Green Day, stopped performing at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and began freaking out.


My Only Regret Is That I Have Baghdatis

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if you don't understand why he's doing this, then you don't understand tennis.

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