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Report: Chris Paul Set to Agree to Max Deal With Clippers

Now that Chris Paul apparently got his guy in Doc Rivers (after throwing his weight around to make it happen when the deal was dead), CP3 reportedly plans on keeping up his end of the bargain with the Los Angeles Clippers.


NBA Rumors: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Battled for Control of the Clippers

It's pretty clear at this point that entity driving these Clippers/Celtics trade talks hardest is Chris Paul.


NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics, Clippers Officially Talking Deal For Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers

Wouldn't it be nice to take a look around at your NBA team, take the best pieces of that team, and then just transplant those pieces into the franchise of your choosing.


NBA Rumors: Kenny Smith Emerges as Sacramento Kings GM Candidate

Be honest: Over the years as you've enjoyed the antics on Inside the NBA on TNT, have you ever found yourself thinking, "I'd really love it if Kenny Smith was the GM of my favorite team".


NBA Rumors: Ray Allen Wants to Return to the Boston Celtics


Well, if there's one thing that the Miami Heat don't need right now, it's more distractions.

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NBA Rumors: Clippers Interested in Pacers’ David West

After the Los Angeles Clippers' big men got mauled by the Grizzlies' duo of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, it became clear that they need to get bigger and tougher along their front line if they hope to compete in their conference (among other things). The Clips are reportedly eyeing a certified front line warrior in the Pacers' David West, a free agent once the season ends.


NBA Rumors: Paul Pierce Thinks He’s Done With the Boston Celtics

When the Boston Celtics were dispatched by the New York Knicks in the first round of this year's NBA Playoffs, to many it seemed pretty clear that it officially signaled the end of Boston's run with their core players.

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NBA Rumors: Jeff Van Gundy is a Top Target For Brooklyn Nets


Despite leading the Brooklyn Nets to a 35-19 record and the fourth playoff seed in the East after taking over for Avery Johnson part way through the season, the Brooklyn Nets announced over the weekend that they were parting ways with interim coach P.


NBA Trade Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder Discussing Kendrick Perkins Deal


According to NBA trade rumors, the Phoenix Suns have been one of the most active teams heading into tomorrow's NBA trade deadline.


NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Reportedly Mocked Kobe Bryant At NBA All-Star Weekend

It would appear that Dwight Howard's collective performance at NBA All-Star Weekend was one for the ages.


NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Garnett to Clippers Being Discussed


If you believe The Sporting News, the Los Angeles Clippers' recent struggles (losers of six out of their last eight games) have done nothing to dampen their belief that they can win an NBA championship this year.

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