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Move Over Apple And U2, Kmart Wants To Give Us The New Maroon 5 Album

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For the next few days, you can get Maroon 5's latest album for free if you buy $30 worth of clothes from Kmart. Congrats!

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WB Announced A ‘Scooby Doo’ Reboot While Casey Kasem’s Body Was Still Warm

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Warner Bros didn't even wait for Casey Kasem's body to cool before announcing their Scooby Doo reboot.


Introducing The Autoblow 2: The Machine That Will **** Your ****

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In what all the major news outlets are calling the story of the century, some guy named Brian invented a second electric BJ machine.


The Backstreet Boys And Spice Girls Are Threatening Us With A World Tour

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Brian Littrell said that the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls are in early talks for a world tour together next year.


This Terrifying Robot Just Wants To Dance, Presumably On Our Graves

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Artist Jordan Wolfson and Spectral Motion decided it would be a good idea to make a creepy robot that stares at people and dances. I don't get it either.


The Internet Is Providing A Second Miracle For A British Skydiver Who Survived A 12,000-Foot Fall

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Friends, family and complete strangers have donated more than $49,000 to 31-year old skydiver Ben Cornick after he fell 12,000 feet and lived.

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A 19-Foot Crocodile Held A Kayaker Hostage On An Australian Island For Two Weeks

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A New Zealand kayaker was trapped on an Australian island for two weeks with no supplies by a 19-foot crocodile.


A Soccer Referee In Brazil Was Stoned, Quartered & Beheaded By Fans After He Stabbed A Player

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During an amateur soccer match in Brazil, a referee was beheaded by fans after he stabbed and killed one of the players during the dispute of a call.


Paula Deen Has Been Offered A New Job In Porn

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With as many as a dozen companies cutting ties with her, Paula Deen has been offered six figures to appear in a porn video for the website, Pure Mature.


The Miami Marlins Are Giving Out Fedoras For Father’s Day

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On Sunday, most people will take a break from their typical weekend fodder of getting blackout drunk and screaming, “Sunday Funday.

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HBO Passed On Story Of Mike Tyson's Life


Since his pride and joy Entourage aired its series finale, Doug Ellin has been working to get a few new series picked up, with Da Brick being the most relevant to what we do around these here pages.


Please Jeremy Lin, Don’t Date Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian rose to fame after a sex tape of her and Brandy’s brother, Ray J, “leaked” and then she latched on to other reality TV leaches like Paris and Nicky Hilton until she became the face of her own family’s empire.


Writer of the Departed Hired to Write… Sin City 2. Blarg.

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Just days after Departed writer William Monahan and Martin Scorsese made Momentum has been building lately behind the long-in-development sequel to Sin City, which grossed a healthy $100 million worldwide in 2005.


As If Mets Fans Haven't Suffered Enough

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All things considered, the New York Mets haven’t had too terrible of a season.

why god why?

Terrorists Doug Ellin & Mark Wahlberg Issue New Entourage Movie Threat

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Terrorists Doug Ellin and Mark Wahlberg issued a new round of threats this week, reaffirming their commitment to releasing an Entourage movie inside the US, an attack whose consequences would be catastrophic, experts say.

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Entourage movie still a possibility, reports No Thanks Magazine

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Last night was the premiere of The Other Guys, which by most accounts is a really funny movie, but of course some jerk had to go and ruin it by asking Marky Mark about an Entourage movie.


Barf. Aaron Sorkin’s movie about John Edwards’ affair.

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(Edwards delivers a tearful farewell, flanked by his mistress and Autofellatio Walrus) The John Edwards affair story is like a never-ending rabbit hole of sleaze and yuckyness about which you need only know that his mistress changed her name because her father electrocuted horses for insurance money.

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I clicked on this Variety article announcing the sale of disFigured expecting to find an article about more Screen Gems horror trash for the WWE crowd.

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