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Seth Rogen On ‘The Interview': ‘It Truly Seemed Possible That Our Movie Might Just Cease To Exist’


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg sat down for an interview with Variety, opening up about the Sony Hack and getting 'The Interview' released.

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Dennis Rodman Won’t Watch ‘The Interview,’ But He Still Wants To Take Seth Rogen To North Korea

By | 14 Comments

Dennis Rodman wants to take Seth Rogen to see the real North Korea, not the one they show in 'The Interview.'

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‘The Interview’ Is Officially Streaming On Netflix Now

By | 8 Comments

Instead of pirating it, viewers willing to let James Franco and Seth Rogen waste their time with more dick jokes can do so legally.

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North Korean Defectors Have Seen ‘The Interview’ And They Are Not Amused

By | 23 Comments

North Korean defectors who have seen 'The Interview' are not impressed by the movie lampooning their leader.


North Korea Author On ‘The Interview': ‘Behind The Butthole Jokes, The Filmmakers Get A Lot Right’

By | 32 Comments

"...behind the silliness and the smut, the penis and butthole jokes, the filmmakers get a lot right about North Korea."


The U.S. Struck Back At North Korea For The Sony Hacks With Additional Sanctions

By | 11 Comments

The White House said a proportional response was coming and now they've unleashed sanctions on North Korea for their role in the Sony hack.

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Seth Rogen, James Franco And Evan Goldberg Are Planning To Live-Tweet ‘The Interview’


James Franco, Seth Rogen and co-director Evan Goldberg plan to live-tweet 'The Interview' on Sunday afternoon.

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North Koreans Really Want To See ‘The Interview’ And Pyongyang Is Allegedly Freaking Out

By | 10 Comments

More and more North Koreans want to watch 'The Interview'. Meanwhile, Pyongyang asked black market dealers (nicely) not to carry it.

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North Korea Is Now Comparing President Obama To ‘A Monkey’ Following The Release Of ‘The Interview’

By | 24 Comments

North Korea is obviously not happy that 'The Interview' was released and they're blaming President Obama, calling him "a monkey."

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Patriotic Theatergoers Sang ‘Proud To Be An American’ Before Watching ‘The Interview’

By | 4 Comments

Alamo Drafthouse patrons sang along to "Proud to be an American" before a screening of 'The Interview'.

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George R.R. Martin Strikes A Devastating Blow In His Twitter Feud With North Korea (UPDATE: Uh, Whoops)

By | 15 Comments

George R.R. Martin just struck a devastating blow in his Twitter feud with North Korea over "The Interview."

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Now Congress Wants To Have A Screening For ‘The Interview’ On Capitol Hill

By | 10 Comments

Seth Rogen and James Franco might hit the big screen yet, this in the halls of Congress when they screen 'The Interview.'


‘The Interview’ Is Getting A Live Read At A New York Theater

By | 5 Comments

You may not be able to see 'The Interview' in theaters, but you can see it in Theater.


North Korea Is Currently Experiencing A ‘Massive Internet Outage’

By | 47 Comments

A country that barely has electricity has no internet, according to reports.


North Korea Threatens To Attack The ‘Cesspool Of Terrorism’ That Is The U.S.

By | 22 Comments

We're all shaking in our boots. Not really, because we don't all own boots, and many of us are on meds that prevent shaking.


President Obama: Had Sony Talked To Me ‘I Might Have Called The Movie Theater Chains’

By | 12 Comments

President Obama revealed that he would've stepped in to aid Sony Pictures before they canceled 'The Interview.'

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‘Guardians Of Peace’ Is Now Trolling The FBI Over Their Investigation Into The Sony Hacks

By | 17 Comments

The GOP hackers behind the Sony Pictures hack are now trolling the FBI over claims that North Korea is behind the cyber attack.


Anonymous Claims They Will Release ‘The Interview’ Themselves In This New Series Of Tweets

By | 85 Comments

Anonymous took to Twitter to voice their anger at the cancellation of 'The Interview,' vowing to release the movie as a Christmas gift.

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