10.22 The Cooler

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Kattya Heredia Drug Dealing Can Make You A Billionaire [Business Insider] Can Beyonce Top Madonna's Super Bowl Record.


Arrest Warrant Issued for Cuba Gooding Jr., Star of Snow Dogs

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They say you never want to meet your heroes, because they may have starred in Boat Trip.


Box Office: Kate Beckinstail over Red Tails, Marky Mark over 9/11, 9/11 over Gina

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George Lucas's black guilt Red Tails rated 33% among critics, but received an A grade from audiences (via cinemascore), almost the inverse of Haywire's 82% among critics and D+ on cinemascore.


Weekend Movie Guide: GRRRRRRL POWER!

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Opening All Over Your Face and Chest: Haywire, Underworld Awakening, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Red Tails FilmDrunk Suggests: I’m excited to see Haywire for Gina Carano and my boy Channing Tatum.


Review: Red Tails

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Corny movies are a civil right.


George Lucas claims nuking the fridge was his idea

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George Lucas is currently busy traveling across the country as part of his it's-okay-to-see-me-as-a-human-being tour, which is actually a brilliant PR move, but we'll get to that later.

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George Lucas Talks Retirement, Racism, And Nuking The Fridge

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Bryan Curtis of The New York Times has a long interview with George Lucas where he discusses Star Wars fan rage, the difficulty of getting studios to take Red Tails seriously, his retirement of sorts, his girlfriend, and the "nuking the fridge" scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


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Tiffany Luu Jay-Z & Beyonce Donating Their Baby Gifts To Charity [Prefix] 10 Essential Civil Rights Movement Photographers [Flavorwire] Even Thieves Are Ignoring DVDs And CDs As Worthless [Techdirt] Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan And Superstar Mythology [Forbes] The 11 Southern Streetwear Brands To Watch In [...].


George Lucas plays the race card (brilliantly)

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George Lucas was on The Daily Show the other night, and while it was sad watching Jon Stewart have to pretend that nerds still think of Lucas as the hero who created Star Wars, and not as the villain who keeps trying to retroactively f*ck it up, Lucas (Ol' Cat Eater, I like to call him) did a wise thing.

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Leesa Unique “Red Tails” Is Putting Black Filmmakers In Jeopardy.

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Open Thread: What’s up with the dub-step Red Tails trailer?

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A lot of people told me about this new Red Tails commercial, but I rarely watch commercials because I have a DVR and don't live in a cave watching network TV over the air while I cook hunks of coon meat on a fire made of bear poop.


This Week in Posters: Guns and Cleavage

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Besides Ethan Hunt being the only international superspy who always looks like he just walked out of a snazzy Banana Republic catalogue, the main thing I notice about this poster is how good Paula Patton's boobs look.


George Lucas taught Terrence Howard to fly

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This trailer for Red Tails is very important as it was produced by the famous cat thief George Lucas.


George Lucas Revisits The Tuskegee Airmen In “Red Tails”

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World War II's extensive on-screen history is being expanded even more with Star Wars creator George Lucas' latest visual in Red Tails.


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Felicia For Your Titillating Tuesday Nike Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Preview [Sneaker News] Sarah Palin Calls Her Daughter’s Former Fiancé Levi Johnston A Liar Seeking Fame [The Life Files] Lil Scrappy Join's Luda's Disturbing Tha Peace [RGF] Missing Girl Sandra Cantu Found Dead In Submerged [...].



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In a recent interview with Comingsoon.net, George Lucas discussed his upcoming project, Red Tails*, “the film he's producing about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all African-American pilot squad during World War II.

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