Meme Watch: Patrick Stewart & Others React To British Prime Minister’s Super Serious Phone Call


British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted an embarrassing picture and the internet didn't let us down.

rob delaney

Rob Delaney Uses Butthole Logic To Make Sense Of The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Brouhaha


"Butthole logic" is the best way to describe what's going on with "Duck Dynasty."

rob delaney

Morning Links: Rob Delaney’s New Board Game


Rob Delaney's New Board Game |Funny Or Die| NOMINATE for Comments of the Week.


With Leather's Watch This: Rob Delaney Sang The National Anthem At A Dodgers Game

That wasn’t the best National Anthem I’ve ever heard, but it certainly wasn’t the worst or even what I expected from a comedian like Rob Delaney.


‘I’ll Eat A Horse. I’ll Eat Your Dog. I’ll Eat Your F*cking Family': Old People Read Rob Delaney Tweets


Old ladies reading messages involving shipyards and bad decisions will always be OK in my book.

rob delaney

Rob Delaney Found An Old Baseball Scouting Report From Harper's, Hilarity Ensues


Chances are if you’ve ever read a post entitled, “The Funniest People on Twitter”, or something to that effect, then you know that comedian Rob Delaney is widely regarded as, well, one of the funniest people on Twitter.


Rob Delaney Tells Conan About His Love For Hairy Women


Twitter superstar Rob Delaney dropped by Conan last night where he discussed his love for hairy women and tormenting Mitt Romney and Kim Kardashian.


Comedian Suing Kim Kardashian Offers Perfect Opportunity To Post More Amazing Kardashian Gifs

I meant to post about this yesterday but completely forgot and thankfully seeing the Funny or Die gif above -- which takes one of the funniest gifs of all time to another level with Kim Kardashian getting swallowed by a Great White shark -- reminded me of it: comedian Rob Delaney, who's risen to prominence by being arguably the funniest person on Twitter, has filed a class action lawsuit against Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest (producer of the dreadful reality show she stars in) and E.

rob delaney

Rob Delaney Is Suing Kim Kardashian


Comedian Rob Delaney (who you might recognize from the "MA Men" spoof of "Mad Men") is awesomely suing Kim Kardashian (as well as E.


Frotcast 19: Joe King, Rob Delaney, Jackass 3D


This week on the Frotcast, our friend Joe King the comedian and former porn camera man sits in while we discuss Jackass 3D, and he tells us how he used to have sex with a couch, which his parents still own.

viral video

A tribute to Chris Klein


Rob Delaney, whom you might remember as the Fake Warner Bros guy, is back with a new video, this one a tribute to Chris Klein's Mamma Mia audition from the other day.

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