Michael Fassbender’s monstrous Fasspenis cost him the Oscar. OBVIOUSLY!

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Perhaps no more factual, well-reasoned, thoroughly-researched article exists, than the one over at <a href="" target="_blank">TheEnvelope</a> right now that postulates, "Did Michael Fassbender's big part cost him a nom.


Weekend Movie Guide: Dane Cook Is All Serious, Bro

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Opening Everywhere: No new movies, just your mom’s legs.

Carey Mulligan

Shame Review: Michael Fassbender likes sex. A lot. That’s pretty much it.

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Shame is overwrought and lacking in real story, but the Fasspenis deserves Best Actor If you just want the abridged Shame review, here it is: Michael Fassbender is a sex addict.

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The Movie Dad Hall of Shame


A cat has gotta make some scratch, you know.

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