Sony’s New TV Spot For ‘Powers’ Sets Just The Right Kind of Tone

By | 6 Comments

Ready for Sony's 'Powers' on Playstation? Check out the all-new TV spot the company just released.

the order: 1886

Is ‘The Order: 1886′ Really Only Five Hours Long? Let’s Find Out, By Streaming It

By | 23 Comments

Can 'The Order: 1886' really be beaten in five hours? Let's find out, live!


Sony Offers Behind The Scenes Look At New PlayStation Series, ‘Powers’

By | 4 Comments

With just a few weeks to go before its premiere on the PlayStation network, Sony has unveiled a new behind-the-scenes look at its new series, 'Powers.'

The Last Guardian

The Trademark For ‘The Last Guardian’ Has Officially Been Abandoned By Sony

By | 7 Comments

The next game from the makers of 'Ico' and 'Shadow of the Colossus' has been dealt yet another blow.


Harriet McDougal Allegedly Lied About Not Knowing Anything About The ‘Wheel Of Time’ Pilot

By | 8 Comments

Remember that awkward 'Wheel of Time' pilot that aired on Monday at 1:30 a.m. on FXX? Apparently Robert Jordan's widow knew about it.


Check Out Hugh Jackman’s Surprised Response To The Spider-Man News And Professor X Rumors

By | 5 Comments

Turns out Wolverine himself was as blindsided by the Spider-Man/Marvel news as the rest of us.


The Funniest Internet Reactions To Spider-Man Returning To Marvel

By | 25 Comments

We've collected our 30 favorite Twitter reactions to Spider-Man returning to Marvel and offer this friendly neighborhood summary.


Spider-Man Will Be In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ And The ‘Sinister Six’ Movie Is Still On

By | 20 Comments

Sony and Marvel Studios are in bed together, but Sony is still clinging to their Spider-Man spin-offs.


What You Need To Know About The Marvel-Sony Spider-Man Team Up

By | 66 Comments

Marvel and Sony are making Spidey movies together... but what will that actually entail?


Report: Andrew Garfield Is Out After Sony/Marvel ‘Spider-Man’ Deal

By | 68 Comments

Good news for Marvel fans may mean bad news for Andrew Garfield if reports about the end of his time as Spider-Man prove true.

marvel cinematic universe

Make Room For Spider-Man: Marvel Announces New Release Dates For Marvel Phase Three

By | 21 Comments

Now that Marvel is making a Spider-Man movie, Disney has announced new release dates for most of Marvel's Phase Three movies.


Marvel And Sony Are Officially Teaming-Up For The Next ‘Spider-Man’ Movie. Seriously.

By | 65 Comments

Spider-Man is officially joining the Marvel Movie Universe after a surprising announcement of a deal between Sony and Marvel.


‘Passengers’ Movie Still Happening, Picks Up Morten Tyldum To Direct


The director of "The Imitation Game" is the new choice to direct the ill-fated sci-fi love story. We have some humble plot suggestions.


‘Powers’ Gets A Release Date And A Poster

By | 6 Comments

'Powers,' after years in the works, finally arrives.


‘Chappie’ Looks Like A Lot Like ‘RoboCop’ In Its New Trailer

By | 16 Comments

It's a trailer about a robot police officer who discovers his humanity and fights a giant bipedal boondoggle of a robot. Yep, it's 'Chappie!'

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