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Hoop Culture Now Offering Custom T-Shirts


Hoop Culture, where you can purchase a "Shoot Jumpers. Not Guns" t-shirt or hoodie, has recently started to offer a new international team division.

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DC Is Sorry About Their Dumb, Sexist Shirts

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Expect a few hundred lawsuits from Warner Bros. to materialize soon, when they realize just how many crappy shirts there are with Batman on them.


Morrissey Is Selling A Shirt That Reads ‘Be Kind To Animals Or I’ll Kill You’

By | 6 Comments

Ever the subtle one, Morrissey is selling a very loud shirt with a very loud opinion.


A Department Store Is In Boiling Water Over This Incredibly Tasteless Rape T-Shirt

By | 22 Comments

Sometimes a department store just can’t control the kinds of t-shirts that make it to the shelves, or at least that’s what the people at The SM Store in the Philippines are hoping furious customers will believe.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

This Store Left Gamora Off Their ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ T-Shirts For The Dumbest Reason

By | 54 Comments

Gamora is a Guardian of the Galaxy... unless you shop at Children's Place, apparently.


This ‘Caucasians’ T-Shirt Is Suddenly Causing Quite A Buzz On The Internet

By | 32 Comments

Opponents of team mascots like the Redskins and Indians may have found a new favorite t-shirt with this hot-selling 'Caucasians' design.

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Metallica Responded To Their Many Haters By Selling This ‘Sh*te’ T-Shirt

By | 13 Comments

A lot of people apparently haven't forgiven Metallica for "St. Anger."


Relive Your Childhood With This Collection Of Old-School Nickelodeon Shirts

By | 16 Comments

Be the coolest kid in school with a Nickelodeon's "Rocko's Modern Life" shirt.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 164 – Henderson Vs. Pettis II

By | 185 Comments

Boy, do we have a treat for you fight fans and scoundrels for the UFC 164 Pay-Per-View, live from Milwaukee tomorrow night at 10 PM ET, with the preliminary fights beginning at 6:30 PM ET.


Homer Is A Dope: Here’s A Collection Of Fantastic ‘Simpsons’-Themed Shirts

By | 60 Comments

Threadless is running a contest where people can vote for the best "Simpsons" shirt. They're all great, but only one can win.


Awesome Supercut: Cinema’s Most Iconic T-Shirts

By | 30 Comments

I make no apologies for loving movie-themed supercuts, and this latest one is pretty great.


Taylor Swift Fans Threatened ‘Bad Kids Clothing’ Designers Over A Joke T-Shirt

By | 18 Comments

The founders of a party lifestyle clothing company said they've been threatened by Taylor Swift fans over a novelty t-shirt that lists her boyfriends.


Abercrombie & Fitch Discontinued Their Taylor Swift-Shaming T-Shirt Because Of Fan Backlash

By | 13 Comments

Stop, just stop Abercrombie & Fitch. Only we can make fun of Taylor Swift.


Bro, Matt Fraction Has New ‘Hawkeye’ Shirts, Bro

By | 7 Comments

Bro, you should buy these shirts, bro. Money goes to a good cause, bro.


Nike Stores Taking Down ‘Boston Massacre’ Shirts

By | 4 Comments

Late Show producer Eric Stangel tweeted a picture of a "Boston Massacre" t-shirt in a Nike Outlet store, and employees said they were removing them.


“I Was With You Shootin’ In The Gym” Parody T-Shirt


Kobe Bryant's divorce found its way into "Stay Schemin'," a song from a Rick Ross mixtape featuring Drake and French Montana.


“Judas Shuttlesworth” T-Shirts Are Now On Sale


Word on the street is Boston fans are mad at Ray Allen for going to Miami.

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The Hilarious T-Shirts of Ryan Sawyer


Ryan Sawyer is a graphic artist and musician working out of Boston.

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