Witness The Tragedy Of A Giant Snow Penis Being Ruthlessly Demolished By A Bulldozer

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Students at Texas Tech University built a giant snow penis on campus and were unsuccessful in their attempts to rescue it from being destroyed.

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A Filipino Village Banned The Warcraft Mod ‘Dota’ Because Teens Were Stabbing Each Other Over It

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A town has had to ban Dota due to just how out of hand gambling over matches has gotten.


A Fox News Reporter Has Been Found Dead Of An Apparent Suicide

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He was found after his friend became worried for his safety.

lives tragically cut short

The Unfortunate Death Of Kickboxer Dennis Munson Jr. And How Officials Failed Him

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Here's a close look at what happened during the Dennis Munson Jr. fight and how his death could have been avoided.


Unreal: Couple Who Lost Son & Daughter-In-Law In Flight MH370 Crash Also Lost Family In Flight MH17 Crash

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A family who lost their son and daughter-in-law in Flight MH370 is experiencing another nightmare as a result of Flight MH17.


292 People Missing, Four Dead After A Ferry Sinks Off The Coast Of South Korea


A ferry holding 459 people off the coast of South Korea has gone down with nearly 300 still missing.


UPROXX Video: A Funeral For Metropolis (And Other Cities Hollywood Flippantly Destroyed)

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This week’s UPROXX Video takes blockbuster movies to task for killing millions of civilians then glossing over it.


On Reporting What Matters In The Aurora ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Tragedy

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We'd like to talk about the victims, how to help the community, and share the official statements released by Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Christopher Nolan.


Shooting At ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Screening Leaves 12 Dead, 38 Injured

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Our thoughts are with the families of the dead and injured.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy Blames Internet For Horrible Tragedy

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First of all, our sympathies and thoughts are with the victims of Mohamed Merah, a gunman who killed seven people before being killed himself by a French SWAT team.


TLC Reveals Eliminated Reality Show Contestant Committed Suicide

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It's strange enough peering into the fabricated reality of Reality TV, but it can extra surreal -- and often painfully sad -- when actual reality seeps into that world, as is the case of U.


Mariners Outfielder Greg Halman Murdered

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Sometimes a situation is just too f**ked for a clever headline.


Russian Hockey Team Killed In Plane Crash

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A passenger plane carrying 37 members of the Russian Lokomotiv ice hockey team and 8 crew members crashed briefly after takeoff earlier today, killing 43 of the people on board.


Nickelback: Not The Solution To Hockey’s Depression Problem

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A "major Canadian concert act" is scheduled to perform at next month's NHL FaceOff in Winnipeg.


The Chilean Miners Are Getting A Movie

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Academy Award-nominated producer Mike Medavoy and Academy Award-nominated writer Jose Rivera are teaming up to create what they expect to be an Academy Award-nominated film about the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in the San Jose mine last year for 69 days.


The Line Between Laughs and Tragedy

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I spent all morning trying to figure out whether or not I should write about this.


What’s The Latest From Japan?


Things continue to get worse for the Japanese people after the 8.

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