Vodka-Infused Turkey Is The Latest Reason Why We Aren’t Allowed To Have Nice Things

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Would you like to eat turkey and get drunk at the same time? Well have we got good news for you?


You’re All Invited To A Party With Alison Brie And Adam Scott! Kind Of!

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A new Smirnoff commercial answers the age-old question: What is it like to party with Alison Brie and Adam Scott?


Dennis Rodman’s ‘Bad Ass Premium Vodka’ Promises Smoothness, North Korean Glory

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NBA legend Dennis Rodman has introduced a line of BAD-ASS PREMIUM VODKA, which he hopes Barack Obama will drink to celebrate North Korea. No, seriously.


Drunk Russians Break Kiddie Ride


A trio of drunken Russians -- and their vodka bottle -- pile onto a kiddie ride.


Meet The Perfect Sports Companion: A Dog That Fetches Bottles Of Vodka

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Apparently this video has been around for approximately a year, but I hadn’t seen it until late last night, which means that everyone here has to pretend like it’s their first time as well.


Russian Dog Fetches Vodka


A Russian hunting dog fetches a bottle of vodka for his owner.


Vodka Saves Puppy’s Life


Some hangovers are totally worth it.


Drinking a Bottle of Vodka in 28 Seconds


Insane binge eater/drinker Shoenice drinks a bottle of Ciroc (and washes it down with some orange juice) in less than 30 seconds.

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