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Jon Stewart Actually Apologized On ‘The Daily Show’ For Saying He Didn’t Vote

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Jon Stewart was on CNN earlier today and admitted he didn't vote. At least that's what everyone thought happened...


Mitch McConnell’s Voting Booth Photobomber Is The Real Winner Of The Midterm Elections

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This random guy giving Kentucky's Mitch McConnell a thumbs down in the voting booth has become a midterm elections star.


Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis Reps Wu-Tang At The Polls

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A vote for Wendy Davis is literally a vote for A Better Tomorrow.


Here’s The Butt-Tweet Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Doesn’t Want You To See

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Your important election day update as provided by Jay Nixon and some butt crack.

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Lil Jon And Lena Dunham Joined Rock The Vote For ‘Turn Out For What’

By | 13 Comments

In order to tell today's teens how important their voices are, Rock the Vote teamed up with Lil Jon for 'Turn Out for What.'


Watch Denmark’s Banned Voting PSA That Went A Little Too Far With The Cartoon Sex And Violence

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This now banned PSA makes a better case for moving to Denmark than voting in Denmark.

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Miley Cyrus Is Probably Going To Be TIME’s Readers’ Person Of The Year

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Currently leading the online voting for TIME's readers' Person of the Year is Miley Cyrus, because sticking your tongue out is very important.


Moving The NFL To Europe And F*cking Your Wife: ‘The Daily Show’ Unlocks The Keys To Getting People To Vote

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Angry people in the minority get out and vote and it's ruining our country. Thankfully, Jason Jones is on the job.


You Can Now Vote For Which Fighter Will Make The Cover Of EA’s UFC Game

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The UFC and EA are giving UFC fans the chance to vote for which fighter they'd like to see join Jon Jones on the cover of the new video game.


Larry David Really Wants You To Vote


In case you haven't heard, there's a big election coming up in November. And Larry David really wants YOU to vote.

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