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The Trailer For Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Biopic Isn’t The Trainwreck We Expected It To Be


Angela Bassett is making her directorial debut with the Lifetime movie based on the life of Whitney Houston.


An Unofficial Ranking Of The 15 Worst ‘Must See TV’ NBC Thursday Night Sitcoms

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The worst sitcoms on NBC's Thursday 'Must See TV' sitcom block since Bill Cosby came along and saved the network in the early 80s.


NBC Cancels Four Sitcoms You Could Not Possibly Care About (And The Morning Links)

By | 14 Comments

Three sitcoms you barely knew were on the air, plus 'Up All Night,' have been given pinks slips by NBC.


What’s On Tonight: The Last ‘Whitney’ Ever, Maybe?

By | 38 Comments

A collection of the best and worst of tonight's listings, including maybekindapossibly the last ever episode of "Whitney."


What’s On Tonight: Whitney’s Back, You Guys!

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A guide to the best and worst of the TV listings for Wednesday, November 14.


‘Animal Practice’ Canceled, Replaced By Even Worse Show, ‘Whitney’

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With the cancellation of 'Animal Practice,' and the return of 'Whitney,' what does that mean for 'Community'?


NBC Is Delaying The Return Of ‘Community’ (Boo!) and ‘Whitney’ (Yay!)

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Ten days before it was set to return, NBC has delayed the premiere of 'Community' indefinitely, but that's not just a bad thing.

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How Networks Try To Trick Viewers Into Thinking Their Awful Shows Are Critically Adored

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Critics do not like The Newsroom. And yet, as Forbes discovered, HBO has been running print ads featuring GUSHING reviews about how "intelligent" and "inspiring" the show is. How is that possible?


NBC's 2012-2013 Schedule Teams 'Community' with…'Whitney'?

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"Community" fans, it's time to start rooting for Whitney Cummings.


The Co-Creator of 'Two and a Half Men' Has Had It With Vaginas

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In what will assuredly come as a shock to all of you, it turns out that Lee Aronsohn, co-creator of "Two and a Half Men," has some less than enlightened views on women, and he expresses those views like a total goon.


What’s On Tonight: Brad Pitt Will Be on ‘The Daily Show.’ That’s All You Need to Know

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ABC is all reruns again tonight, so unless you're into "Top Chef," you're screwed if you're looking for good television during prime time.


Boo Internet Censorship, Yay Internet Freedom: The Anti-SOPA Meme

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How many times have you gone to Wikipedia today, only to get their “Imagine a World without Free Knowledge” message.


The Brutal Critical Response to ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’ Is Funnier than the Show

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In an attempt to verify what we all knew, I watched "Are You There, Chelsea.


What’s On Tonight: If You Love ‘Community,’ You Will Not Watch ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’

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Whitney/Are You There, Chelsea (NBC) -- If you care about the quick return of "Community," you will not watch the premiere of "Are You There, Chelsea" tonight.


7 New and Returning January Shows You Should Seek Out and 7 You Should Avoid

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After three weeks of interminable re-runs, Christmas specials, and dead air, the winter television season often has a way of sneaking up on us.


Warming Glow’s Guide to TV Gifts Under $15 for People You Hate

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It's Secret Santa season, the time of the year when you're forced to buy cheap "holiday" presents for your fellow office workers because a memo from the Powers That Be tell you to.


Sarah Silverman Has An NBC Pilot

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Yesterday, NBC picked up a pilot order for a new project starring indie-comedy darling Sarah Silverman, potentially adding it to a lineup that also includes shows by Whitney Cummings ("Whitney") and Chelsea Handler ("Are You There, Chelsea.


NBC ‘Fixes’ Schedule by Removing ‘Community’

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Bad news for people who like good television: NBC has released its midseason schedule, and "Community" is nowhere on it.


Aw, NBC Canceled ‘Free Agents’ :(

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The fall's first two cancellations belong to NBC: today the network canceled "Free Agents," which I enjoyed but never found an audience.

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