Zane Lowe

Eminem’s Zane Lowe Interview Parts 3, 4 + “Stan” In-Studio Performance

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The final two clips in Em's hour-long interview with the BBC Radio 1 host.

Zane Lowe

Eminem’s Interview With Zane Lowe + “Berzerk” In-Studio Performance

By | 14 Comments

Slim Shady speaks in-depth about the creation of MMLP2, "Rap God," Rick Rubin and more.

#Kanye West

Kanye’s Still Using That Funny Voice In Part 4 Of His BBC Interview

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Kanye talks his shit again in his new, hilarious designer voice to Zane Lowe.

#Kanye West

So Here’s Kanye West’s Dr. Jekyl And Mr. Hyde Interview For BBC Radio 1

By | 29 Comments

By now you might have seen the first part of Kanye West's interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe.

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