The Man Who Invented Text Messaging Has Died At 63

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Matti Makkonen, who is considered the "father of SMS", has died at 63.


This New Coffee Printer Can Customize Your Latte Foam


If you've ever wanted to see your face in a cappuccino, the time is now.


Robot Construction Worker Can Work 20 Times Faster, Catcall 73 Percent More Efficiently


Australia hastens our descent in to Skynet-controlled takeover by creating robot bricklayers.


Man Who Shot Down His Neighbor’s Drone With Shotgun Forced To Pay Damages

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No matter how tempting it may be, don't shoot down drones that aren't on your property.

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‘Fallout’ Fan Builds His Own Fully Functional Pip-Boy


Want a Pip-Boy? It's easier than you might think, as this design shows us.


Here’s Footage Of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Exploding Into Flames

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The Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule burst into smoke and flames shortly after launching.


There’s Now An Uber Boat That Will Shuttle You Between Europe and Asia

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UberBOAT crosses the Bosphorus and takes passengers between Istanbul's Asian and European sides.


Meet The Man Who Just Made $2 Billion With Netflix Stock

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Carl Icahn is swimming in money now that he's made two billion dollars in one wise money move.


Here’s An $8 Microscope For Your Smartphone

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The ultimate stocking stuffer for nerds on the go.


Lexus Has Built A Working Hoverboard

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Scientists are trying to make the hoverboard happen by 2015... and Lexus just took a big step forward.

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Apple Is Unleashing Jaden Smith’s Unfiltered Brilliance Into Your Brains (Along With Others)

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Everyone's favorite Twitter expat will be one of a few famous hosts on Apple Music's radio station.

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Peek Inside The Mind Of Cameron Weiss, Watchmaker, In The First Episode Of ‘Human’

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Cameron Weiss is reviving the American art of watchmaking, one handmade piece at a time.


New Fort Minor ‘Welcome’ Music Video Makes Use Of YouTube’s 360 Feature


Mike Shinoda finally revived his solo project away from Linkin Park and is breaking ground using YouTube's 360 feature for a music video.


Lifehack Your Way To Being A Better Multitasker

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It's impossible to leave your house without a backpack full of electronic devices, but there's a way to multi-task more efficiently.

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Taylor Swift May Have Just Succeeded In Forcing Apple Music To Pay Musicians

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Following her open letter that called out their policies, Apple decided to change direction with Apple Music's free trial.


Google Has Discovered What Computers Dream About, And It Is Disturbing

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Google decided to explore the subconscious of its neural networks. This was a terrible idea.

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