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Ashley Madison’s CEO Resigned Over His Extramarital Affairs, And Twitter Reacted With Glee

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Former CEO and love machine Noel Biderman will now be free to conduct his affairs elsewhere.


Facebook Just Shoved M, An Artificial Intelligence, Onto Your Phone

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Facebook M is a 'curated' artificial intelligence that wants you to buy things. Lots of things.


All The Rumors About The iPhone 6S Before Its Expected Arrival

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New information has surfaced about the rumored upgrade to the iPhone 6.

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Ashley Madison Users Are Pretty Much A Bunch Of Dudes Scoping Out Very Few Real Women

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The Ashley Madison database reflects a predominantly male user base. Most female profiles rarely log in at all.

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Jared Fogle’s Downfall May Have Been A Porn-Smelling Police Dog

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A two-year-old lab named bear was responsible for smelling out incriminating materials in the Jared Fogle case.


Is That Bee Wearing A Backpack? Scientists Are Microchipping Bees To Save Them.

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Researchers in Australia are now tracking honey bees in the hopes of discovering why they've been dying.


Your Gmail Can Now Be Compromised By Your… Fridge?!

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The appliance most likely to sell you up the river, it turns out, is your fridge. Meet the Gmail Fridge Hack.

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Can Anyone Stop Google From Rigging The 2016 Presidential Election?

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A new study reveals that Google could possibly manipulate search engine results to influence elections around the world.

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Illinois Library Gets A 3D Printer, Immediately Prints A 20-Sided Die

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Fondulac District Library is creating a maker space for its patrons.

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Woman Inspired By ‘Mr. Robot’ Hides Hacking Kit In Her Platform Heels

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A 'Mr. Robot' fan is ready for a heist with her cleverly-concealed hacking gear, little black dress, and social engineering skills.

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For Five Dollars, These Doctors Can Now 3D-Print A Stethoscope

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A team of scientists in Gaza have found a way to open-source stethoscopes and other medical equipment they need.

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MIT Has Developed A Mesmerizing Robotic Glass Blower


Designers at MIT have 3D printed a series of glass sculptures.


This New Spotify Privacy Policy Seems Pretty Invasive

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The streaming service wants to track how fast you move as well as access your phone contacts.

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The Ashley Madison Hack, Explained

By | 27 Comments

Here's everything you need to know about the Ashley Madison hack and ensuing data leak.


Is It Possible To Prevent An Asteroid From Striking The Earth?

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An asteroid could potentially wipe out an entire city at any time. Do we have that ability to stop one before it strikes?

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Hackers Make Good On Threat To Release Stolen Ashley Madison Data

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Hackers released this data after Ashley Madison owners refused to take down their website.


Google’s Robot Atlas Can Now Chase You Into The Woods

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Google's robot, Atlas, just got a major upgrade, and can now hike trails to find filthy hoo-mans.