RIP HitchBOT, A Hitchhiking Robot Who Was Too Good For America

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The hitchhiking robot made it through Canada and Europe unscathed, but was destroyed beyond repair in Philadelphia after two weeks on the East Coast.


Japan Just Fired The World’s Most Powerful Laser, Meaning It’s Time To Freak Out

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Japan just fired the world's most powerful laser. We got Death Star?


Watch NASA Show Just How Destructive An Airplane Crash Really Is

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Ever wonder what an airplane crash looks like? NASA's got you covered.


No, You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Artificially Intelligent Weapons

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Many smart people have signed an open letter asking the world to not build AI weapons. But that's not the AI issue that should worry us.


Couple Making Thousands Of Knockoff iPhones Busted In Beijing

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A couple in China were busted after their factory running a full-scale counterfeit iPhone operation was discovered by Beijing police.


Twitter Has Officially Started Going After Joke Thieves

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Imposter jokesters are having their stolen tweets deleted.

#Knight Rider

This Phone Charger Will Turn Your Car Into KITT From ‘Knight Rider’

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This USB phone charger from ThinkGeek will not only charge your device, but it will speak to you as KITT from 'Knight Rider' as well.


China Has Just Lifted Their Longtime Ban On Foreign Video Game Consoles

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After 15-years, China will allow sales of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo video game hardware inside the country's borders.

san francisco

San Francisco Is Trying Paint That Splashes Pee Back At Public Urinators

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The city is trying out this paint to combat a persistent public urination problem.

#The Desk

Should We Be Afraid Of Hackers Taking Over Our Cars’ Computers?

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Fiat Chrysler execs have vowed to fix vehicle hacking concerns brought forth by a Wired feature, but will they be able to do it in time?

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This Short Video Shows How Digital Cosmetics Make Celebrities Look Decades Younger

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This is how older celebrities like Jessica Lange and Michael Douglas have some years shaved off.


That Quadcopter With A Handgun Attached To It Is Now Part Of A Federal Investigation

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And the inventor's father has some theories about why anyone would have a problem with flying, remote-controlled handguns.


A Selfie Stick Saved This Teen Girl From Drowning In A Riptide

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A teen almost drowned at Nobadeer Beach this month. Good thing she was holding a selfie stick.

Car Hacking

Watch These Hackers Wirelessly Disable The Brakes On A Jeep

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A recently revealed security flaw in Chrysler's Uconnect function allows hackers to take virtually full control of your car.

3D printing

3D Printed Missiles Are Quickly Becoming A Reality

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Raytheon, one of the biggest US defense contractors, is leading the charge towards guided missiles that can be completely 3D printed.

#Deeper Dives

Just How Close Are We To Finally Finding Extraterrestrial Life? Closer Than You Think.

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Will we find extraterrestrial life in the next 10 years like NASA has predicted? We might be closer than you think.


RIP Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenberg, 1987-2015


There was no evidence of foul play or suicide.

Artificial Intelligence

A Robot Passed A Self-Awareness Test, But It Probably Won’t Take Over World

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A robot recently passed a self-awareness test in New York. What does this mean and when should we start panicking?