MIT’s Robot Cheetah Can Now Dodge Obstacles When It Runs You Down

By | 10 Comments

MIT has just upgraded its robot cheetah to dodge obstacles, making catching you and mauling you that much easier.


Take That, Tidal: Spotify Has Stepped Up Its Ammo In The Ongoing Streaming Wars

By | 4 Comments

Jay Z is probably in the lab trying to figure out his next move.


Hold All My Calls, A New Type Of Yeast Can Home-Brew Morphine And Codeine

By | 2 Comments

It's now possible to brew opioids using three new genetically-modified types of brewer's yeast.

Tech News

Kate Spade Is Coming Out With A Line Of iPhone Charging Handbags


Kate Spade is teaming up with Everpurse to create a line of bags that charge iphones.

virtual reality porn

Oculus Has No Plans To Block X-Rated Content From Their Virtual-Reality Headsets

By | 8 Comments

According to Palmer Luckey, Oculus will not control what type of software is being run on Rift's open platform headset.

3D printing

A Seriously Injured Turtle Just Got A New Lease On Life Thanks To A 3D-Printed Beak

By | 3 Comments

The turtle had been damaged by a boat propeller and was unable to eat on its own.


The Next Generation Of Russian Tank Uses A Gamepad To Steer

By | 10 Comments

A Russian tank manufacturer claims its new breed of tank uses a gamepad to steer. Soooo... DualShock or Xbox layout?

Elon Musk

Did Elon Musk Chew Out An Employee Who Took Time Off For His Family?

By | 7 Comments

Elon Musk supposedly let an employee have it for putting the birth of his child ahead of going to yet another meeting.


How The Verizon/AOL Merger Will Affect You

By | 5 Comments

Verizon and AOL are merging... and it'll have an impact on you, in the sense that you're about to see more ads.

mad max: fury road

Watch The Peacemaker From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prove Just How Real Those Stunts Are


There's an entire TV episode dedicated to building one car from 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' And it shows just how awesome the cars are.


Why Nintendo’s Next Major Console Will Be A Smartphone

By | 21 Comments

Nintendo getting into the smartphone game would seem illogical... but really, it's all but inevitable. Get ready for the Nintendophone.

police brutality

The ACLU’s New App Keeps Cops From Deleting Evidence Off Your Phone

By | 5 Comments

You have the legal right to film police, but that hasn't stopped many cops from seizing phones and deleting videos. The ACLU's new Mobile Justice CA app stops that from happening.

Virtual Reality

This New Virtual Reality Theme Park Looks Seriously Amazing

By | 10 Comments

This seriously looks like the best theme park you've never been to.


Comcast Has Just Promised To Fix Their Awful Customer Service

By | 15 Comments

Every Comcast horror story you've heard may become a sad but distant memory. (Maybe.)

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