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Facebook Can’t Stop Online Harassment Even In Their Private Chat Rooms

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Cloudflare Bans White Supremacist Website The Daily Stormer, Calls Them ‘A**Holes’

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Spotify Makes Moves To Remove White Supremacist Bands From Its Service In The Wake Of Charlottesville

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Xbox One X Preorder Details Are Coming Within The Next Few Days, According To Microsoft

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Apple Is Going After Netflix With $1 Billion Worth Of Original Shows

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The White Supremacist Daily Stormer Site Retreats To The Dark Web After Google Refuses To Host Them

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Bill Gates Makes His Largest Donation Since 2000 With A Gigantic $4.6 Billion Gift To An Unknown Recipient

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White Supremacist Groups Have Been Banned From Discord After Violent Threats Were Uncovered

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Elon Musk Says To Forget North Korea Because Artificial Intelligence Is The Real Threat To Humanity

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Millennials Just Aren’t That Into Real Boobs, But Kinda Into Fake Boobs, Data Finds

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