Uber Pulls Gross French ‘Hot Chick’ Driver Promotion From Website

By | 17 Comments

Uber is in damage control mode after a french promotion with "hot chick" drivers backfired.


The Comic Sans Typewriter Is The #Throwback Gadget We Never, Ever Asked For


The little contraption was made in celebration of the font's 20th anniversary.

#Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Is Apple’s New ‘Supreme Commander Of Super Secrecy’


Longtime Apple product lover Stephen Colbert was a special guest (sort of) at yesterday's big iPad and OS X Yosemite unveiling.


Why Google’s New Gaming Console The Nexus Player Misses The Point

By | 6 Comments

Google debuts yet another Android microconsole, which prompts us to ask... who do they think is buying this stuff?

hbo go

You Will Finally Be Able To Get HBO Go Without A Cable Subscription In 2015

By | 21 Comments

HBO is answering your prayers, finally, and offering a standalone HBO Go service beginning next year.

google glass

Doctors In California Are Treating A Man Who Is Addicted To Google Glass

By | 7 Comments

The patient reportedly used the device up to 18 hours each day.


This 113-Year-Old Woman Had To Lie To Get On Facebook

By | 2 Comments

Minnesota's oldest person has started off on a technological journey of discovery, but to do that, she had to lie to Facebook.


Time To Change Those Passwords: 7 Million Dropbox Accounts Have Allegedly Been Leaked

By | 8 Comments

Hackers have allegedly gotten their hands on millions of Dropbox accounts through a third-party resource, meaning its new password time.


A Cure For Type I Diabetes Is Just A Few Human Trials Away

By | 3 Comments

Type I diabetes is a serious medical problem affecting millions. And we are tantalizingly close to a cure.

3D printing

Fold Paper Like A Badass With This Amazing Paper Airplane Machine Gun

By | 2 Comments

Think you can make a pretty good paper airplane? How about one-per-second?


Comcast Has Apologized To The Customer It Got Fired, Which Should Help When His Rent Comes Due Next Month

By | 11 Comments

Comcast got a customer fired after he complained about their service. Now they've apologized, which fixes... nothing.


Oculus Rift Justified: Warner Bros. Is Making A Virtual Reality Version Of The Batcave

By | 5 Comments

Not just any Batcave either -- it's the version from 'Batman: The Animated Series'.


The First Baby Carried In A Transplanted Uterus Has Been Born

By | 5 Comments

A baby has been carried to term in a transplated uterus for the first time, and that raises new questions about fertility.


Why Did The NFL Ban Beats By Dre Headphones?

By | 44 Comments

The NFL made a deal with Bose and eliminated their competition, Beats By Dre.

redbox instant

Unsurprisingly, Redbox Instant Admits Defeat In Its Bid To Top Netflix

By | 5 Comments

Unable to topple Netflix, Verizon's Redbox Instant digital streaming service meets the fate that we always assumed it would.


Snoop Dogg Owns Reddit Now, Literally

By | 8 Comments

The rapper just made a huge investment in the social news site.


Your Selfie Could Soon Double As A Cancer Test

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to polarized light, and the mantis shrimp, soon your smartphone could be administering cancer tests.

hookup apps

Here’s What The New Good2Go Sexual Consent App Looks Like

By | 9 Comments

Good2Go is an app that will protect everyone. In theory. The reality is... a bit different.


Yahoo! Is Scuttling The Only Thing We Knew Them From

By | 6 Comments

20 years later, Yahoo's list of links is no longer relevant in this wiki world.

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