Google Went And Got Themselves A Fancy New Logo

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Google introduced their cleaner, more stylish logo today. Are you not impressed?

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The Women On Ashley Madison Were Almost Entirely Chatbots

By | 21 Comments

Ashley Madison had an army of chatbots at its command, their sole job to fool male customers into thinking the site was full of women.


Got Amazon Prime? Prepare For Some Heartbreaking News

By | 11 Comments

Amazon Prime was your only friend, but your friend has betrayed you.

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Ashley Madison’s CEO Resigned Over His Extramarital Affairs, And Twitter Reacted With Glee

By | 9 Comments

Former CEO and love machine Noel Biderman will now be free to conduct his affairs elsewhere.


Facebook Just Shoved M, An Artificial Intelligence, Onto Your Phone

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Facebook M is a 'curated' artificial intelligence that wants you to buy things. Lots of things.


All The Rumors About The iPhone 6S Before Its Expected Arrival

By | 5 Comments

New information has surfaced about the rumored upgrade to the iPhone 6.

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Ashley Madison Users Are Pretty Much A Bunch Of Dudes Scoping Out Very Few Real Women

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The Ashley Madison database reflects a predominantly male user base. Most female profiles rarely log in at all.

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Jared Fogle’s Downfall May Have Been A Porn-Smelling Police Dog

By | 13 Comments

A two-year-old lab named bear was responsible for smelling out incriminating materials in the Jared Fogle case.


Is That Bee Wearing A Backpack? Scientists Are Microchipping Bees To Save Them.

By | 4 Comments

Researchers in Australia are now tracking honey bees in the hopes of discovering why they've been dying.


Your Gmail Can Now Be Compromised By Your… Fridge?!

By | 10 Comments

The appliance most likely to sell you up the river, it turns out, is your fridge. Meet the Gmail Fridge Hack.

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Can Anyone Stop Google From Rigging The 2016 Presidential Election?

By | 4 Comments

A new study reveals that Google could possibly manipulate search engine results to influence elections around the world.

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Illinois Library Gets A 3D Printer, Immediately Prints A 20-Sided Die

By | 2 Comments

Fondulac District Library is creating a maker space for its patrons.

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Woman Inspired By ‘Mr. Robot’ Hides Hacking Kit In Her Platform Heels

By | 6 Comments

A 'Mr. Robot' fan is ready for a heist with her cleverly-concealed hacking gear, little black dress, and social engineering skills.

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For Five Dollars, These Doctors Can Now 3D-Print A Stethoscope

By | 2 Comments

A team of scientists in Gaza have found a way to open-source stethoscopes and other medical equipment they need.

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MIT Has Developed A Mesmerizing Robotic Glass Blower


Designers at MIT have 3D printed a series of glass sculptures.


This New Spotify Privacy Policy Seems Pretty Invasive

By | 3 Comments

The streaming service wants to track how fast you move as well as access your phone contacts.

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The Ashley Madison Hack, Explained

By | 27 Comments

Here's everything you need to know about the Ashley Madison hack and ensuing data leak.

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