Hackers Got Their Hands On Personal Data For 50,000 Uber Drivers


According to an official statement, an unknown third party is responsible for the security breach.

3D printing

Carmelo Anthony Wants To Use 3D Printing To End Shoe Sizes

By | 3 Comments

Yes, the Knicks player is backing a custom shoe company. But it's far more interesting than you might at first think.


WWE Toured Silicon Valley, So Here’s John Cena And Hulk Hogan Being Dorky Old Men With Technology

By | 9 Comments

As a bonus we also have Vince McMahon using Oculus Rift and Stephanie wishing she worked for Google.

Handy Innovations

PornHub’s New Wearable Tech Lets You Use Masturbation To Power Your Smartphone

By | 8 Comments

The future of energy efficiency may be on the horizon thanks to PornHub and a new wearable that harvests 'Dirty Power.'


Here Are All The Movies Disappearing From Netflix In March

By | 8 Comments

Watch 'The Graduate' and 'Se7en' while you still can...

Artificial Intelligence

Google Has Taught Its Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence To… Play Video Games


Google has spent enormous amounts of money to build... what amounts to a thirteen-year-old from the 1970s.

#Oscars 2015

Watch Apple’s Touching Oscars Commercial Featuring Martin Scorsese And Student Filmmakers


The ad features students making movies with the iPad 2 and Scorsese's remarks at the 2014 NYU Tisch School of the Arts commencement.

computers are scary

Lenovo Is Selling Computers With Potentially Dangerous Adware Already Installed


Superfish, the pre-installed adware, could make it possible for hackers to steal your personal info.


The Government’s ‘Plan X’ Wants To Make Ridiculous Hollywood Computers A Reality

By | 6 Comments

You know how every TV show has a pretty graphical interface for hacking? DARPA actually wants to build that.

cell phones

Apple Who? Flip Phones Are Making A Major Comeback In Japan

By | 16 Comments

People are turning to flip phones for their cellular needs in Japan. Could the USA soon be following the same trends?


Meet Foregen, The People Who Want To Regrow Your Foreskin

By | 14 Comments

Want a new foreskin? Foregen wants to grow you one! Possibly whether you want one or not.


Some Sly Programmers Just Added Instagram Filters And A Selfie Stick To ‘Doom’


Doom isn't just for blood and guts anymore... now it's also for filters and selfies.

#Video Games

Apple Is So Sick Of ‘Free’-To-Play Games They’re Openly Mocking Them

By | 6 Comments

How sick is Apple of free-to-play games? They're mocking them in the app store.


A San Francisco Hospital Has A Helper Robot Called ‘Tug’

By | 8 Comments

A fleet of Tug travel the halls of a new San Francisco hospital, disappointing people who discover they're not THAT kind of robot.


Canada’s New Military Rifle Is Straight Out Of A Video Game

By | 27 Comments

The Canadian military has a rifle of the future, and it was probably designed by James Cameron.


NASA Is Closer To Putting Whalers On The Moon And Submarines On Titan

By | 6 Comments

The Titan Mare Explorer might include a submarine to explore the depths of Titan's lakes.


Hitachi Introduces A Kafkaesque Workplace Happiness Monitor

By | 15 Comments

If you've ever wanted to track the overall satisfaction level of your employees, then you're in luck.


Meet ‘Spot,’ Google And Boston Dynamics’ Newest Nightmare-Fueling Robot

By | 12 Comments

If you thought Boston Dynamics' BigDog robot was peak nightmare fuel, say hello to "Spot", their new collaboration with Google.

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