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Here’s The Latest Video From A Guy 3D-Printing The Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor


This will either be the summer's greatest cosplay, an excellent deterrent against larger siblings, or both.


A New Company Claims It Can Recreate Your Face Just From A DNA Sample


Not at the moment, but at least one company is claiming to have that ability.


Finally A Use For Wearable Technology: AdBlock In Real Life

By | 3 Comments

Yes, you can block out ads in real life. You'll just need to wear goggles to do it.


Here Are The Top ‘Most Liked’ Songs In The History Of Pandora

By | 11 Comments

Pandora shares the 10 most-liked songs in its 10-year history. And you thought Gotye was just somebody that you used to know.


Was The Chernobyl Meltdown Engineered By The Soviet Union?

By | 33 Comments

A new documentary argues the Soviet Union engineered the Chernobyl meltdown to cover up a far more embarrassing failure.


Hotels Can No Longer Ban Your Wi-Fi

By | 4 Comments

The FCC comes down on the side of wireless hotspots in hotels.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits That His Own #DeflateGate Science Was Way Off Too

By | 7 Comments

Neil deGrasse Tyson went and tried to bring science into the discussion about #DeflateGate, but only managed to screw it up in the process.


Police Are Campaigning Google To Remove The Waze App Because It Is Allegedly Putting Them In Danger

By | 18 Comments

Police across the country are out to stop people from using Google's Waze app because it allegedly puts them at risk.


The NFL Finally Launched A YouTube Channel, With One Annoying Twist

By | 5 Comments

You can now watch your favorite NFL highlight on YouTube. Hooray 2015.

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A $15,000 Pair Of Glasses Helps This Blind Mother See Her Baby For The First Time

By | 4 Comments

Despite the cost, eSight's fundraiser program helps people like Kathy Beitz use the glasses otherwise uncovered by insurance.


Google’s Chairman Claims That ‘The Internet Will Disappear’ Sooner Than We Think

By | 7 Comments

The Google chair says there will be so much internet, we will become one with the internet.


Turning Your Instagram Pics Into Temporary Tattoos Is A Thing Now

By | 2 Comments

With Picattoo, users can transform their Instagram feed into "Insta-tats" for their body. How meta would it be to wear your own selfie?

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The Most Amazing Things People Have Made With 3D Printers

Promoted by HP

3D printing is already creating amazing things, from violins to racecars.

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Russia Is A Bit Behind In The Robot Arms Race

By | 6 Comments

Russia needs better robots, as this clip shows us.

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Watch Bill Gates Trick Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking A Glass Of Poop Water

By | 6 Comments

After video of Gates drinking a glass went viral (as opposed to bacterial) earlier this month, he brought a sample for Fallon to try.


Free Software, Shared Apps, And Frickin’ Holograms: What You Need To Know About Windows 10

By | 12 Comments

Windows 10 is official today. And Microsoft is making some bold moves, including featuring some frickin' holograms.


Microsoft Is Giving Away Free Windows 10 Upgrades To Windows 7 And 8 Users

By | 24 Comments

Microsoft is apologizing for making you put up with Windows 8, by giving you free Windows 10.


Atlas, AKA Google’s Terminator, Is Now Far Quieter And Battery-Powered

By | 3 Comments

Atlas, aka the Google Terminator, now no longer needs an air hose or safety tether. It's free! And can use weapons! Yay?

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Doctors Use A 3D Printer To Help With Complicated Heart Surgery On A 4-Year-Old Girl


Doctors recently saved a four-year-old girl's life by printing out a 3D replica of her heart to help with her complicated surgery.


Mario May Become A Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence, If Researchers Get Their Way

By | 3 Comments

Yeah, let's teach Mario to be a fully aware being. No way that could possibly go wrong!

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