The Presidential Candidates Have A Lot In Common With These ‘Seinfeld’ Characters

When Seinfeld co-creator Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live in February, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star gave Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders the Curb Your Enthusiasm treatment. It was a brilliant evolution of his impression of the candidate and something that caused us to wonder if there might there were any comparisons that could be made between the existing presidential candidates (of which the numbers have dwindled) and the characters on Seinfeld. And after some thought, the similarities actually seem almost eerie.

Donald Trump as George Costanza


Simply put, Donald Trump is George Costanza. Not just because the Republican frontrunner’s “hair” resembles the character’s toupee in “The Beard,” but because of Costanza’s attitude in that episode (and all the other episodes, for that matter). Especially when he tells Jerry that “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” Yes, the internet entertained Trump and Costanza’s similarities recently because of the latter’s approach to life in “The Opposite.” Yet their shared ability to entertain the craziest ideas (with the wildest turns of phrase) is undeniable. That, and Jason Alexander has tiny hands.

Hillary Clinton as Elaine Benes


We’re not pairing Hillary Clinton with Jerry’s ex-girlfriend and best friend just because they’re both women. Gender is obviously part of the equation, but Elaine’s creation by committee and her assertiveness with the boys are why her closest political analog is the leading Democratic presidential candidate. Also, her amazing dance moves. As much as Clinton wants to be the queen of the castle, Elaine was the leading royal dignitary on Seinfeld and no one — not even George the curmudgeon — could take that away from her. After all, she was the one who defeated “The Soup Nazi” in season seven — something not to be discounted considering that word’s popular application to Trump/Costanza.

Bernie Sanders as Cosmo Kramer


Despite Larry David’s many spectacular Bernie Sanders impressions on SNL, the independent Vermont senator is a perfect match for Kramer. For one thing, is there any doubt that Sanders (the hipsters’ chosen candidate) would appreciate Kramer’s hipsterific thrift shop retro attire? They also have a shared passion for exciting ideas whose feasibility people question, similar hairstyles, shared mannerisms, and both Kramer (in “The Strongbox”) and Sanders’ ability to talk to the birds.

John Kasich as Jerry Seinfeld

John Kasich as Seinfeld

Seinfeld was never a show about nothing. Instead, it was a television series about a man who found himself caught in the middle of his friends and neighbors’ latest antics — be they traumatizing or, by the time the next episode rolled around, wholly inconsequential. Things like George’s latest tirade, Elaine’s last date or Kramer’s newest scheme. Hence why Jerry’s best analog in the 2016 presidential election is Ohio Gov. John Kasich — the pizza-eating, “New York values” Republican who’s still hanging around despite his inability to win any delegates at the state primaries and caucuses. Hell, even Jerry’s girlfriends were more interesting than he was.

Ted Cruz as Newman

Ted Cruz as Newman

Every show needs a villain, just like every presidential election needs candidates. Enter Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who despite his apparent lack of animosity toward Kasich’s Jerry, more than makes up for it with his generally frightening demeanor. From his joking about killing rival Donald Trump to his ongoing feud with the New York real-estate mogul over their wives, Cruz is the Newman of the 2016 presidential race. Not only is the potential Republican nominee and U.S. president enough to scare Larry Flynt and make Bill Maher drink fake bleach, but he’s also kind of evil. Like, Mr. Burns levels of villainy.