Al Horford’s Sister Explained Why She Has Never Been A Fan Of Draymond Green

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Al Horford and Draymond Green don’t appear to have any beef between them. As for Horford’s sister, Anna, she doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the Warriors do-everything big man.

Anna Horford has made headlines in the past, most notably for calling out a Boston radio host and for having fun with Hawks fans during one of Al’s games against his former team. Earlier this month, she tweeted out a criticism of Green after he said that Celtics big man Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player.

Plenty of people pointed out that Green has a reputation for being a dirty player, so this was a bit hypocritical. But Sports Illustrated reached out to Horford and asked her to elaborate on her tweet. As it turns out, she’s a longtime Green hater.

SI: Your Draymond Green tweet got a lot of attention. Did you expect the reaction it got?

Horford: Now we’re a part of this Boston team, right. We’re with the Celtics. So I’m going to stand up for these guys. I’m going to defend not just Al but everyone on the team, because I mean we’re a family. So I’m going to have their backs no matter what. And I think it was just like so funny and hypocritical that that was coming from Draymond Green of all people. Especially with his track record.

SI: He’s a Michigan person, also. Did you ever have any run-ins with Draymond?

Horford: My brother John did, playing for Michigan and Draymond played for State. So we kind of had that rivalry. I’ve never really been a huge Draymond fan. I think he’s kind of a douche. He was just here in East Lansing last summer, and he got arrested for punching someone in the face. So, that’s just not the kind of player or person that I care for at all.

The comment about Green getting arrested stems from an incident that took place in June. It was settled a little more than a month later.

Beyond her thoughts on Green, Horford expanded on her run-in with Boston radio shock jocks who had issues with her brother leaving the team to be there during the birth of his child. She also discussed Twitter beefs she have gotten into with Cleveland and Toronto fans, along with the difference she has noticed between Atlanta fans and fans in Boston.