Andrew Bogut Lasted About Two Minutes In Cleveland Before Getting Hurt

Andrew Bogut‘s time as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers may be measured in seconds.

The former No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 Draft lasted about a minute in Monday night’s game against the Miami Heat. Bogut entered the game off the bench early in the second quarter and almost immediately tumbled to the floor.

Bogut hobbled to the court after banging knees trying to defend Okaro White near the baseline when the two forwards knocked knees. Bogut tried standing on his own but fell to the court in pain near the scorer’s table. He was helped off by trainers and did not return. A reported said that he will undergo x-rays and have his status updated later this evening.

Bogut was signed on March 2 by the Cavaliers after he was waived by the Philadelphia 76ers, who acquired Bogut from Dallas in a trade for Nerlens Noel. The 7-footer reportedly choose LeBron James and Cleveland over a few other teams.

There’s a classic joke in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where the titular character decides to forsake his old life and go live among the jellyfish. He wanders off, with Sandy Cheeks skeptically saying “I’ll give him a week.” Squidward immediately quips “I’ll give him 11 minutes,” which is, of course, the run time of an episode.

It comes to mind because a Bogut injury is pretty obvious in hindsight. He has a long injury history, the Cavs are a bit snakebit with injuries this season and Bogut has already missed a lot of time with injuries this year. That it happened in an innocuous-looking play is all the more fitting. Poor Andrew Bogut couldn’t even get settled into his Cavs jersey before he hobbled off the court injured.

UPDATE: Bogut fractured his tibia.