Chauncey Billups Has Always Wanted To Run A Team, But Is Still Pondering The Cleveland Situation

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Last week was the start of the BIG3, the highly-anticipated 3-on-3 basketball league started by Ice Cube. Save for an injury or two, it was incredibly fun, as hoops fans saw a number of old faces take the floor and get buckets in a unique format. Really, the only thing that was missing was a cameo from Chauncey Billups, the captain of the Killer 3s squad.

It’s no surprise why Billups wasn’t there; he was busy interviewing with the Cleveland Cavaliers for their president of basketball operations position. A few days have passed, and on Sunday, he returned to the BIG3 and suited up for hit team. After the game, Billups met with the press and discussed what is currently going through his mind.

“You guys know I’m pondering,” Billups said. “There’s no new news to report. Clearly, the situation is out there. I’m still in the process of thinking it over; that’ll probably be some point in the next few days, but there’s nothing to really report.”

Billups additionally clarified that his decision to not play last week was because he “didn’t want to take away from the first professional 3-on-3 BIG3 game.”

The five-time All-Star also gave a look into his approach to a potential debut in an NBA front office. Billups making the jump from television analyst to something as big as a president of basketball operations job would be huge, but the good news for whatever team brings him on board is that he is looking forward to the opportunity.

“I’ve always said that running a team at some point is one of my desires, so if this thing with Cleveland goes down, great,” Billups said after a question from DIME and UPROXX Sports managing editor Martin Rickman. “If it doesn’t, great. At some point I’m going to do that. And we’ll see what happens after that.”

Given the, um, let’s say challenges that may come with accepting a job in Cleveland’s front office, it would be a massive undertaking for anyone, let alone a rookie executive. But if there is good news for the Cavaliers, it’s that Billups sounds like he’s up for the challenge.

You can watch the full press conference here: