Derrick Rose Just Invited Himself To Carmelo Anthony’s House For Thanksgiving Dinner

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11.23.16 3 Comments

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One of the biggest challenges Derrick Rose has faced in adapting to his new life as a New York Knick is that he’s away from his family and friends back in Chicago. That’s why, even when he swore he wasn’t thinking about it, he was definitely thinking about the emotional impact of his return to Chicago earlier this month. Sure, some moron fans booed the former MVP when he took the court in the other team’s uniform, but Rose still had a lot of support in the stands from people who wish his knees had never taken such a beating.

This week, Rose also had to face another tough reality: He had nowhere to go on Thanksgiving. The Knicks were at home on Tuesday (for a great 107-103 win over the Blazers) and they’ll take on the resurgent Hornets at Madison Square Garden on Friday, so Rose doesn’t have the time to head home to Chicago to have a big, fattening dinner with his loved ones. What’s a guy to do? Easy! Rose just invited himself over to Carmelo Anthony’s house.

“My mom and everybody, my son, will be back in Chicago. So yeah, I’m thankful I have somewhere to go,” Rose said of heading to Anthony’s for the holiday.

“I just asked where his family’s (going) and asked if it was cool if I came over. He said yeah so I don’t think I have to bring anything but an appetite. Yeah, that’s the only thing I have to bring right now.” (Via ESPN)

Dude, at least bring a pie. How hard is it to go to the store and pick up dessert? Even Kristaps Porzingis would dish out some uzpūtenis and then turn around and drop 30 on the Hornets.

All jokes aside, this is great team bonding we’re witnessing, and when the Knicks eventually get their act together and start rolling, we can look back on this warm gesture from Anthony as the catalyst for a deep postseason run. Even if we know it’s actually all about the players uniting because of the really stupid thing Phil Jackson said.

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