Drake And Kendrick Perkins Apparently Jawed With One Another During Game 1 Of Raptors/Cavs (UPDATE)

Via KGArea21

When the Cleveland Cavaliers got Kendrick Perkins to round out their postseason roster, everyone got a little happy, because Perkins is a delightful basketball player. Not because of what he can do on the court, mind you, but rather because the 33-year-old big man is the kind of grizzled veteran who theoretically makes the Cavaliers a little tougher.

The team needed a little shot of toughness during Game 1 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup with the Toronto Raptors, and Perkins delivered. This wasn’t because of a fight on the court or anything like that, as you can guess by the headline of this post.

Instead, noted Raptors fan Drake was in his seat near Cleveland’s bench towards the end of the first half and decided to talk spicy, which led to him and Perkins jawing a little bit. TNT’s main feed didn’t catch this exchange, but fortunately, KG’s Area 21 was on the case.

Drake is a fixture in the courtside seats at Raptors home games, as he is a big fan with a lot of money who is from Toronto. Usually his public shenanigans during games involve his attempts to court ESPN’s Doris Burke, but since this one is on TNT, Drake decided to turn his attention to Perkins and the Cavalier bench.

UPDATE: Cleveland managed to win Game 1 in overtime, 113-112. After things wrapped up, the mini-feud between Drake and Perkins continued. ESPN’s Dave McMenamin captured a video of the two continuing to verbally go at one another as the Cavaliers were clearing the floor.

Thanks to Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star, we at least know what Drake had to say, and it wasn’t exactly family friendly.

Things were tense during the game, which isn’t a surprise, because that tends to happen during the playoffs. But still, the interactions between Drake and Perkins during Game 2 will be something to watch.