Jemele Hill Welcomed Steph Curry To ‘The Club’ After Trump Called Him Out On Twitter

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Last week it was Jemele Hill that drew the ire of the White House when the ESPN broadcaster called Donald Trump a ‘bigot’ and ‘white supremacist’ on Twitter. There were calls for her to be fired, ESPN nearly replaced her on a broadcast, and the whole country basically had an argument over

But all that’s in the past now that Donald Trump has moved on to his latest sports story, which is Steph Curry’s official decision not to visit the White House with the Golden State Warriors. Though the NBA champions were never officially invited to the traditional meet and greet, Curry said earlier this week he would “politely decline” if asked. That was enough to get Trump to angrilly Tweet about Curry on Saturday and “withdraw” the invite that never actually came.

What followed was a flurry of reactions from many in the sports world. LeBron James called Trump a “bum.” Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy called the president “an a**hole.” But no reaction was more relevant to recent history than Hill’s. She took to Twitter on Saturday to offer a bit of levity to the situation.

“Hey @StephenCurry30, welcome to the club bro,” Hill tweeted on Saturday, adding the crying emoji to the Tweet.

It’s not exactly controversial, but it is wading into uncertain territory for Hill, who has kept a low profile or sorts since the White House all but called for her to be fired. It is a funny tweet, though, and it certainly seems like that club of sports stars called out by the president won’t stay small for long. Colin Kaepernick was once again mentioned by Trump on Saturday, and many in the NBA and NFL were outraged at Trump’s tweet.

Hill does make a good point about the state of the sports landscape these days.

It’s a weird time to try to stick to sports, what with all the politics getting in the way all the time. Though maybe it’s just inevitable that the two intersect.