J.R. Smith’s Instagram Post On The Freedom Of Skating Alone Is Inspiring

03.06.18 1 year ago

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JR Smith is right: basically anything he does these days is “going to have a meme or whatever behind it.” But there’s something mesmerizing about watching him skate alone.

On Tuesday, Smith posted a photo of him at a Cavs team event at a roller rink wearing old-school skates and just generally having a good time on a different kind of hardwood. In the post, he expounded on the freedom of skating alone and how it helped him clear his head, much like shooting in an empty gym has helped him in the past.

Given the week he had, which included getting suspended for throwing a bowl of soup at Cavaliers assistant coach Damon Jones, the change of tone might be a bit jarring. But Smith has been pretty level-headed about the incident, refusing to talk about it with reporters. And now it seems he’s moved on to finding peace at the rink.

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