Kevin Hart Didn’t Make It To Miami For Game 3 But He Sent A Message For Dwyane Wade And The Heat

04.20.18 1 year ago

Kevin Hart on Instagram

Kevin Hart is a huge Philadelphia sports fan, and that means he’s had a pretty good year already. But the movie star got into a bit of trouble earlier in the week when Dwyane Wade blamed him for the Sixers’ Game 2 loss at home to the Miami Heat.

Wade, a good friend of Hart when their respective teams aren’t facing each other in the postseason, said that Hart sitting courtside helped spark a retro performance from the 38-year-old guard that was enough to make Joel Embiid frustrated he couldn’t help the Sixers out.

Hart fired back at Wade after the game, insisting that he was coming to Miami for Game 3. Wade rebuked him and said he wasn’t invited, and as it turns out Hart did, indeed, stay away. But not without sending a message through an intermediary.

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