The Knicks Are The Betting Favorites To Land Kyrie Irving This Summer

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Kyrie Irving’s future is far less certain than it was back in October, when the Boston Celtics’ star point guard announce his plan to re-sign with the team upon hitting free agency this summer. A chaotic season in Beantown, one in which the Celtics failed to reach the lofty preseason expectations levied upon them, has led to questions about what Irving plans on doing.

Much of the chatter has surrounded the New York-based teams. Irving, a native of New Jersey, has never explicitly stated a desire to head home, but reports indicate the Knicks and Nets will both make a run at him this summer. This has led to oddsmakers acting accordingly.

BetOnline released its latest odds for Irving’s ultimate destination in free agency, with the Knicks sitting at -150. The Nets are in a good spot, too, at +150, while the Celtics have the same odds as the Lakers, which has been reported to have an eye on Irving this summer. Here’s how it all shakes out:

Knicks -150
Nets +150
Celtics +1000
Lakers +1000
Mavericks +1600
Clippers +2000
Raptors +2000

With all due respect to Dallas, Toronto, and the Clippers, the four teams at the top present the most intrigue regarding Irving’s future. The new odds come on the heels of the Nets freeing up money via a trade to potentially sign two free agents to max contracts.

Trying to project where Irving is going to go is as tough of an exercise as any free agent, if only because he’s kept quiet regarding his future plans, even getting frustrated when they’ve been called into question. Oddsmakers are trying their best, though, and tend to believe he’s most likely to head to New York City.