Everyone Is Failing Markelle Fultz

02.15.18 5 months ago

Getty Image

Everyone has handled just about every second of Markelle Fultz‘s rookie campaign the wrong way. We can say this with certainty because no one seems to know a single thing about Fultz’s first season in the NBA other than the fact that he played in four games, looked bad, and was subsequently shut down.

Beyond that, no one seems to know what the real story is. Maybe he had a terrible shoulder injury that will cost him the remainder of the season, or perhaps he’ll be back tomorrow. Who knows, because his timetable has been all over the place. Maybe the shoulder injury was tied to him trying to change up his shot, or maybe it was the other way around. Maybe he has the yips, but instead of forgetting how to throw a strike, he forgot how to shoot a basketball. Maybe it’s some combination of all three. No one actually knows.

All of this is insanity. The fact of the matter is the Philadelphia 76ers don’t owe anyone an answer on Fultz’s status, his health, or anything else. They owe one thing (making sure he is at a place where he can have a long and successful basketball career) to one person (Fultz). Beyond that, no one is owed anything.

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