The Internet’s Best Reactions After Villanova’s Stunning Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater

Hopefully you’ve heard by now, but Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to win the 2016 NCAA Championship on Monday night. Everyone, except winning coach Jay Wright, lost their damn minds. Twitter, predictably, had the jokes and they went well beyond just the Crying MJ meme — though there’s plenty of that, too. Enough preamble, to the jokes.

The Jordan Crying meme is like MJ, it forces everyone to up their meme game. Thankfully, the Internet answered the call after MJ’s Tar Heels lost in as brutal a fashion as you can imagine:

We gave you all the various calls and angles to the last shot, but it’s worth bringing back the security guard America has now fallen in love with.

So much pure joy there and also at every local NOVA place where you can imbibe in spirits.

Unbelievable. pic.twitter.com/uB1G5GYHKO

— Comcast SportsNet (@CSNPhilly) April 5, 2016

CBS Sportscaster Tracy Wolfson’s reaction stood in stark contrast to the ice-cold Jay Wright. Thankfully, that juxtaposition was captured at just the right angle.

This might’ve been the GIF of the night, by SB Nation.

Here’s MJ’s actual face after the Jenkins shot (not a photoshop, as far as we can tell).


Hold up, we got you.

There were some who didn’t even see the game.

And some who got emotive over it, while others didn’t appear to have any reaction.


Here’s Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins with a more subdued huzzah

But Malcolm wasn’t the only NFL player watching.

But the Crying Jordan memes actually made us happy for the first time since the first time we saw him cry. Here are some of the best.