It’s Time For Another Fix Of 40-Year-Old Jason Williams Embarrassing Fools Like The Old ‘White Chocolate’

Jason Williams, the once and future “White Chocolate,” is 40 now, and he hasn’t played in the NBA since 2011. However, the competitive fire still burns within him, as Williams takes to the court occasionally. Williams is currently participating in the Orlando Pro Am, the kind of place where folks only play for the love of the game. Naturally, as this highlight video shows, the guy who played over 800 games in the NBA seems to be able to still flash some real skill even at the age of 40.

While Williams is showing his age a bit on the court, the razzle dazzle and flash that made Williams “White Chocolate” such a beloved cult figure in the NBA persists. He’s making all sorts of behind-the-back passes and dropping a bunch of impressive dimes. He crosses dudes over and makes threes. It’s a highlights package, sure, but there are still plenty of highlights coming from Williams at the Orlando Pro Am.

Sure, it wasn’t the stiffest of competition, so the fancy passes and crossovers are less impressive than they used to be. Still, players with the flair of “White Chocolate” don’t come around very often, so seeing him in action, even now, has a bit of a thrill to it. Of course, Tim Duncan turned 40 in April, and he was still playing in the NBA, but that speaks more to how amazing Duncan is than anything else.