Actor, Musician, And Dog Lover Keanu Reeves Is Adding Novelist To His Ever-Growing Resume

We all know that Keanu Reeves can act, we all know he can destroy anyone in a thrilling game of pool, and we all know that he can essentially do no wrong (except for that one movie we don’t talk about). But next up, the actor/driving enthusiast is dipping his toes into the world of writing, presumably because Nic Cage won’t play pool with him again and he just needs something else to do.

Reeves’ popular comic book series, BRZRKR, is getting a new installment in the form of a novel titled The Book Of Elsewhere. The novel will take place in the same universe as Reeves’ series, which follows an immortal warrior named Berzerker who embarks on various dangerous adventures to discover the key to his immortality. The novel will be released on July 23rd.

Reeves is co-writing the novel with New York Times best-selling author China Mieville, who helped expand the ever-growing BRZRKR universe. Maybe one day they will expand to using vowels.

In a statement, Reeves said, “It was extraordinary to have the opportunity to collaborate on The Book of Elsewhere with one of my favorite authors, China Mieville. China did exactly what I was hoping for – he came in with a clear architecture for the story and how he wanted to play with the world of BRZRKR, a world that I love so much. I was thrilled with his vision and feel honored to be a part of this collaborative process.”

Not only will BRZKRK be getting a novel, but Reeves is also attached to star in a live-action adaption of the comics for Netflix, in addition to the upcoming anime series. John Wick might be dead, but Keanu will continue beating up men for years and possibly decades to come, and that’s enough to keep us all going.

(Via Deadline)