Nic Cage Has ‘Mixed Emotions’ On Keanu Reeves After The Actor Beat Him At Pool

It’s always a treat when Nicolas Cage has a movie coming out, not just because he is a talented actor, but because he has very little filter when it comes to the wild stuff he says while out and about during a press cycle. So when there is a Reddit AMA scheduled with the actor, you know it’s going to be filled with absurd anecdotes mixed with thoughtful movie critiques. And that’s exactly what happened with Cage’s latest AMA alongside his Renfield costar Nicholas Hoult.

One of the questions involved another universally loved actor, Keanu Reeves. One fan asked Cage for his favorite Reeves movie, and he had a surprising reply (no, it isn’t The Watcher). “Well…Keanu kicked my ass at billiards one night. He came up to my house on his motorcycle, and he was making these impossible shots,” Cage explained. It seems like Reeves might have hustled Cage, just a little. “He said ‘Now I dunno if I can get that shot or this shot’ and he made every single shot.”

It’s not surprising that Reeves would be good at these things, as he notoriously became “too good” at performing car stunts. That seems threatening to Cage, who is also good at car stunts…in his own way. He continued, “So I have mixed emotions about the skill that Keanu has because he completely dominated me at pool.” Maybe he didn’t watch the behind-the-scenes feature from Point Break where it became apparent that Reeves is a bit of a professional when it comes to pool. Maybe he’s not a real fan, then.

So what is Cage’s favorite Keanu Reeves movie? Cage is a fan of the older stuff, “I like some of the early stuff like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I thought he was great in River’s Edge. He was just great in that movie.” Maybe if Cage explored the John Wick universe he would find that he has a lot in common with his characters. They both went on a horrendous rampage when their beloved pets were killed, so they should have stuff to talk about.

Hoult, on the other hand, had a simpler answer to the question: “I liked the first John Wick. Speed as well.” And both the Nicks are correct! Nothing about Speed 2, though.

(Via Reddit)