Keanu Reeves Narrates The ‘Barely Believable’ Sports Drama In Hulu’s ‘Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story’

We’ve seen Keanu Reeves do it all: shoot guns, race around the world, and destroy men with his bare hands. But for his latest project, he’s narrating the story while someone else does some risky stunts. The man needs some rest, let him be.

Reeves narrates Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story, Hulu’s latest sports docuseries which recounts the story of 2008’s best underdog story. Reeves is, famously, a fan of going very fast, so this makes him the perfect person to tell the story. In the trailer, Reeves says that the story of Brawn GP ” barely seems believable,” which is why he’s the perfect man for the gig.

The doc features race footage and interviews with team owen Ross Brawn himself, plus former F1 executive Bernie Ecclestone and champ Jenson Button. Here is the official description:

Witness one of the most incredible sagas in Formula 1 history, the story of Brawn GP. Starring and hosted by Keanu Reeves, this gripping four-part series offers exclusive first-hand insights from racing legends and highlights the drama, both on and off the track.

In 2008, Honda’s racing team fell into administration, and in an unprecedented first for the sport, their rivals united and returned the team to the racetrack. With Ross Brawn at the helm and the team rebranded as Brawn GP, all was well — until they realized they had inadvertently created a fierce competitor.

The series will hit Disney+ and Hulu on November 15th. Check out the trailer above.