London Customs Officials Had A Hard Time Believing John Krasinski Was Married To Emily Blunt

John Krasinski was mum on the good guy status of Jim Halpert from The Office during his appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, but he did have one funny story to tell about the show. After discussing his first New York experience — complete with a show of skill by a Red Sox hating cabbie — Krasinski started to talk about Emily Blunt and how he visited her during the Mary Poppins shoot in London.

While Jimmy Fallon’s audience cheered the couple’s relationship, he was quick to point out that he knew he married up and the customs agents in London during his visits really sealed that idea. They apparently had no clue who he was at first and were not pleased when he told them that he starred in The Office remake. It truly is hard to top the Ricky Gervais original in some places, even when you have numerous seasons and nearly 14 times as many episodes.

It only gets worse from there once he informs them that his wife is Emily Blunt. They can’t seem to believe or handle the news, which seems odd but Krasinski is pretty good late night storyteller. If this customs agent is actually a real person, he’ll never know he was the source of an interesting story on The Tonight Show. Not like he’d be caught dead watching one of the bozos from the remake of The Office.

The reaction does bring up memories of Arrested Development, though. John Krasinski is basically the Ann of his real-life story.

(Via The Tonight Show)