Aaron Sorkin to film John Edwards’ pregnant chick sex tape

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04.05.10 19 Comments

You know, not too long ago, if a handsome politician wanted to cheat on his cancer-stricken wife and make a sex tape with a pregnant lady, it was his business.  At worst, he might have to kill her.  But now that PC hippies with their “universal healthcare” and “women’s suffrage” have overrun this once-great nation, men of power have been made to unfairly suffer the consequences of their own actions.  Such is the case with poor John Edwards, and now, his story may come to the big screen.

Is “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin looking to turn the John Edwards sex scandal into a movie? We hear Sorkin is among those talking with William Morris Endeavor uberagent Ari Emanuel about optioning “The Politician,” the best-selling memoir by former Edwards aide Andrew Young. Reps for Sorkin and Emanuel didn’t get back to us. Young says: “I’ve heard a lot of strong names. I’d be honored if Aaron Sorkin is one of them.” [NYDailyNews]

Sorkin of course is your parents’ Joss Whedon, and this would make for a hell of a story.  The memoir writer and former aide Andrew Young had previously claimed to be the father of Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter’s baby to help Edwards cover it up, until Edwards finally admitted the baby was his in January.  This was all while Edwards’ wife was battling cancer, not to mention the rumored existence of sex tape Edwards made with Hunter while she was pregnant (the sexiest kind of sex tape).  Oh but wait, there’s more.  Rielle Hunter used to be named Lisa Druck, and was “a prize-winning equestrian when her father was implicated in the horse murders scandal, an ugly plot to electrocute horses for insurance money.”  She later became a low-level actress with bit parts in Overboard and Ricochet.

Look, I like snappy dialog as much as the next guy, but this story seems more like a David Lynch film.  Or Werner Herzog.  Hey, that could be the angle — we see the entire story from the point of view of a singing iguana.  Don’t tell me that’d be any more weird.

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