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09.14.09 34 Comments

The folks behind Werner Herzog/Nic Cage’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans did a smart thing by releasing this publicity still.  From the same scene that I screencapped back when the first trailer came out, it’s impossible to see this picture of Nic Cage threatening an old black lady with a gun while cutting off an old white lady’s oxygen, and not want to watch the rest of the movie immediately.  It’s also hard to ignore the similarities between Nic Cage’s face and the guy from the Saw V poster.  Here’s the IM exchange I had with Ufford from WarmingGlow:

ME: [link to the two images] Is it just my imagination, or does Nic Cage’s face look a lot like Saw guy’s?
UFFORD: First, that is an AMAZING image.
ME: Instant classic, definitely.
UFFORD: and yes, I see the similarities.
UFFORD: in that both actors are in profile, and wearing masks.

[picture via Cinematical, more over there]

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