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12.14.07 37 Comments

You can watch the first three minutes of I Am Legend at Yahoo Movies.  Opens today.

I was pleasantly surprised by the first few I Am Legend trailers, considering the dyslexic title and the fact that Will Smith’s in it (not to say he’s a bad actor, but what’s the last decent movie he was it, Men in Black?  That came out in ’97).   

But now that “Nuthin happenaway it was suppoza happen…” has become this year’s “Moy naime is Chev Cheliose, and todaiy’s da day Oy doy…”, my enthusiasm has dampened slightly.

After watching the first three minutes, I’m still on the fence about the movie.  But I do have the sudden urge to buy a Ford.   

PS: Is it really that hard to kill a deer with freakin M16?  Just start shooting, man.  PPS: Gosh, the bouncy camera work sure looks “authentic”.  Next time you shut down half the streets in New York to film a movie, invest in a goddamned steadicam, A-hole. 

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