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11.13.07 37 Comments

For the newbies out there, this is the time of the week when I give shout outs to the people FilmDrunkards who make FilmDrunk a fun place to waste time. Looking for movie news?  Scroll down.  Looking for trouble? Well guess what motherF*#$!@; you found it! Nominate your favorites for next week here (this post is hidden, so bookmark it).

Yes, this took me an extra day to finish. But can you blame me? Sometimes I’ll leave for lunch, come back to find 300 comments on a post and the first one I read is Fek’lhr says: New Zealand sauvignon blanc. Kicks your ass. Huh?  Tip #1, relevance is your friend.  Anyway, the winner is…

(From the Fred Claus Stars thread)  JHC says: In my head, fighting of a bunch of midgets would be like rolling around with a group of puppies. It’s fun at first but then their breath makes you nauseous and you hurt ’em on purpose so they’ll leave you alone. 

2. (From the Keanu/Klaatu thread) Jokerswild says: Serious cat seems to have an identical emotive range to Keanu. "Whoa. . . serious?"

3. (From the What Review Would Jesus Quote thread) bryce says: I’m waiting for the review tag line "I like turtles." -Harry, AICN

4. (From Great Debaters trailer) The Luchador says: I turned down money once, but only because I think it had semen on it.

5. (From Calling all freaks) Fek’lhr says:

Um…heh heh…of course The Mighty Fek’lhr is above such yIntagh human stupidity…er…He…would mock the Trekkie human forshak…uh…Christ…

Shit! I meant to put that in my browser!

Dor sho gha!

He means…Grr…bench pressing!

6.  (From Tom Cruise is a Tease, Nazi) wwbd says: true story: i had this one friend that was addicted to black-tar heroin, and so one time I got a hold of some acid tabs and decide to rub the tabs on his rocks of heroin. Needless to say he was yelling and screaming the entire night. (This couldve been because I was playing slayer all night too). He had the best trip EVER!***

*By best trip ever, I meant he hung himself in his closet. [suicide jokes are a time-honored tradition here at FilmDrunk]

7. (From Bruce Greenwood > Jesus Thread) The Kurgan says: One time I was with Bruce in the back of a pickup truck, along with a live deer. Bruce goes up to the deer and says, "I’m Bruce Greenwood! SAY IT!" Then he manipulates the deer’s lips in such a way as to make it say, "Bruce Greenwood"…it wasn’t exactly like it, but it was pretty good for a deer!

8. (From the Another Brotox Victim Thread) The Luchador says: I have a black friend that I can’t take to the movies. Brotox too much! [Any pun so bad it makes me cringe wins by default.]

9. (From the Get Smart Lives Up to Its Name Thread) John Wayne in a Devo Hat says: [about the triple Anne Hathaway banner pic] Hey lady, if you’re going to sell those puppies, I want the one with the pink nose!

10. TIE (From the Tom Cruise thread) Supposedly reluctantflux said a bunch of funny stuff (judging by number of nominations) but it was really long so I didn’t read it. 

Everything from the Bruce Greenwood thread.  There were probably 50 comments on this one that made me chuckle.  Stone Soup had quite a few.  But I can’t pick them all.  Well, I didn’t want to, anyway. 

Good on ya, folks.  You make my life worth living.  You guys and porn.

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