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09.29.08 15 Comments

Paul Newman died of cancer at age 83 this weekend.  At my age, it’d be fairly sacrilegious to attempt a rundown of his best movie roles.  But from Butch Cassidy to Cool Hand Luke to Road to Perdition, there were some great ones.

Paul Newman is a guy whose death brings Israelis and Iranians together because, simply put, he was a badass.  If you don’t think Paul Newman was anything special, just try to imagine Adrian Grenier driving a racecar, Mark Wahlberg’s face on a box of crackers, Zac Efron playing a guy named “Butch”, or Sean Penn talking about organic food without sounding like a total dickweed.  Paul Newman defined cool back when being cool meant someone you’d want to have drink with rather than someone you want to kick in the nuts.

Long story short, rest in peace, Reg Dunlop, getting old is f-cking lame.  Though you’re with us no longer, your spirit lives on through your iconic films and tasty salad dressing.

UPDATE: No update, he didn’t come back to life. I just thought this deserved to stay on the front page for a full day.

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