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07.28.09 28 Comments

On the left, the poster for Mark Harmon’s 1987 classic, Summer School.  On the right, Fei Fei, a dog spotted in Chonqqing who refuses to take off his sunglasses.  Same dog?  Separated at birth?

COOL canine Fei Fei left other dogs in the shade after his owner bought him a pair of sunglasses as a joke. But now the fashion mad mutt refuses to leave owner Bo Lee’s home in Chongqing, central China, without being given his wraparound shades!

“I think he likes all the attention he gets on the street,” said Lee. “I bought them to protect his eyes but now if I try to leave the apartment without them he howls the place down,” he told the Austrian Times. [DailyStar]

I got pretty excited when I saw this story because the dog from Summer School has long been a personal hero of mine, and I hadn’t heard anything from him for a while.  But as I looked closer, I realized something: that’s not beer in those bottles, it’s water!  IMPOSTOR!  I don’t know what kind of weak-ass parties dogs throw in China, but count me out.  Pff, this square looks like he can’t even skateboard. 

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