Finns hunt killer Santa Klaüs

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09.10.10 24 Comments

I posted the first trailer for Rare Exports, the Finnish killer Santa Claus movie, last December, so I forgive you if you’d forgotten about it until now.  The Japanese enjoy a well-deserved reputation for being awesomely weird, but I think you could also make a case for Finns.  They’re like if you took Japanese eccentricity, added German dorkiness, and baked it in six months of darkness.

Anyway, Rare Exports doesn’t have a US release date set yet, but it plays the Toronto Film Festival later this month and they just released this new, slightly longer trailer.  The visuals look awesome and the plot is pretty straightforward: Santa Claus is real, and buried deep beneath the North Pole.  When an American mining company accidentally digs him up, he goes on a kill crazy rampage through Finland.  He’s probably just pissed they ate all his reindeer.  Whackety schmackety (*toilet flush*).

Slow and go out there people, look out for brake lights.

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